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Your gift has never been more important – or impactful – than at this moment. Thank you for supporting Paramount Theatre!

Giving Options

Charitable contributions are essential to quality programming in each of the following areas.

The Broadway Series

Our Broadway Series brings top-quality musical theater to downtown Aurora, drawing patrons from across the western suburbs and far beyond. We carefully mix a line-up of famous favorites with lesser known but thought-provoking works you might not see anywhere else. Wowed by our talented casts, dazzling sets and live orchestral music, area critics and many patrons say our shows are the best in Chicago and on par with Broadway productions — and it’s your contributions that make them so.

Creative Arts Day Camp

Paramount School of the Arts

Just completing its amazing debut year, our new School of the Arts created a splash from the very beginning, hosting artists of every age and aspiration in learning to act, sing and dance. Rather than tiptoeing into arts education with a class or two here and there, we hired a top director and faculty and built out extensive classroom space that would allow us to start the School with momentum — a commitment that continues to expand through gifts from visionary donors.


General Fund

Some of our most valuable contributions come from those who recognize our need for flexible funds. Donations given for general support allow us to cover gaps in our budget, to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to say “yes” to risks that result in breakthroughs. A regular flow of general funds will not only allow us to be nimble and enterprising but will also help us
retain staff and production capacities during our coronavirus closure.


Other Funds

With several different areas that need charitable donations to thrive, like Scholarship Funds, Dreams Do Come True, New Works, you can choose how you make a difference with your selfless gift.


Giving Levels

Your generous donation deserves recognition. Here is a guide to help you choose your gift.



  • Recognition in Playbill for one year



  • Recognition in Playbill & on the Paramount Theatre website for one year
  • Name on Premiere Society Wall for one year
  • Invitation to Premiere Society Events



  • Recognition in Playbill & on the Paramount Theatre website for one year
  • Name on Premiere Society Wall for one year
  • Invitation to Premiere Society Events
  • Invitation to Premiere Society Dinner
  • Invitation for two for Broadway press openings



  • Recognition in Playbill & on the Paramount Theatre website for one year
  • Name on Premiere Society Wall for one year
  • Invitation to Premiere Society Events
  • Invitation to Premiere Society Dinner
  • Invitation for two for Broadway press openings
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Spring Gala
For more philanthropic opportunities, please contact Chief Development Officer Jonathan Jensen at 630-723-2484 or
Paramount Arts Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Why Consider A Charitable Gift

Why We Need Your Support

Paramount Theatre is more than just a presenter of great performances…

We constantly strive to be a spirit-lifting, community-building institution. The word on the street is, we’re succeeding. We hope that makes us worthy of your charitable contribution. A gift to Paramount strengthens the artistic and economic vitality of our community — and that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Excellence comes at a price. But our promise is excellence at a low price — one that makes live performance more accessible to every family across our region. Our commitment is to encourage more people to explore the arts, many for the first time, with ticket prices that seldom reflect the full cost of our productions. We’re also committed to extending the arts to our community’s less fortunate — with programs such as our new “Theatre for Young Audiences Touring Program,” which will bring performing arts to underserved youngsters across our community.

The Economic Case

Paramount employs many area residents — we’re a theater committed to casting locally, building sets on-site, using a full live orchestra, etc. But that’s just the beginning…

Each year, Paramount generates foot traffic of almost half a million people through our neighborhood. With the second largest subscription base in the nation, our Broadway Series hosts nearly 250,000 audience members every year. Thousands of summer music fans at RiverEdge Park and growing student rolls at our School of the Arts increase visitor totals still further. All these visitors have a powerful effect on our community’s economic health, supporting the growth of restaurants and shops, turning empty storefronts into new developments, making downtown Aurora an increasingly trendy place to live and work, and contributing an estimated total of $36 million in local economic impact. Importantly, our programs diversify our local economy, creating the balance that helps a community stay strong and vibrant — and providing an economic spark that will make a big difference as local businesses strive to recover from coronavirus closures.

The Quality-of-Life Case

Impact on a community is one thing; impact on individual lives is another. Here, too, Paramount shines…

Loyal subscribers and occasional patrons say the same thing: that the presence of great performing art, close to home and at an affordable price, has a powerful effect on their quality of life. In an era when entertainment is increasingly electronic, virtual and enjoyed in isolation,
a shared theater experience with thousands of fellow community members takes on a compelling and treasured dimension. Mounting shows with both broad appeal and lofty production values, Paramount increasingly wins critical acclaim, but our most treasured kudos come from our audience members. One fan spoke for many when she said, “Paramount has style that never fails. These shows make me think, make me laugh, make me cry. What else could do that?” When our audience members describe the arts as “a vital part of raising children,” “essential to a life fully lived” and “humanity at its finest,” we know Paramount is succeeding in its mission.

For more philanthropic opportunities, please contact Chief Development Officer Jonathan Jensen at 630-723-2484 or
Paramount Arts Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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A Letter From Our President & CEO

To Our Paramount Family

The hush will make you humble.

For one moment, join me here. You and I are sitting in the Paramount Theatre — Aurora’s ornate, venerable, cavernous monument to the performing arts. Around us, an echoing silence.

This grand place has stood here for nine decades with a single purpose: to bring people together. It’s done a lot of that recently, as our subscriber base has grown to #2 in the nation in just 10 short years.

Why did we grow so fast? You know. You’ve seen our artists put their all into their craft. They fill even this room with sounds that amaze. Every shout and sigh, every whisper and whine, every swoon and swell — every tinkle, clank, strum, ping, pop, bang and boom — is lovingly designed to fill your senses and tell our story. (And those are just the sounds… don’t get me started on the sights they deliver!).

Sure, we could cut corners. A live orchestra at every performance is an expensive choice. But could anything less do justice to this magnificent room? What else could fill this hall… or your heart?

I hope all this talk about sound resonates with you (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

Our lives are quieter right now. We’re all social distancing, holding our collective breath until the world returns to normal. I hope the “normal” you long for includes this beautiful great hall. Someday soon, this amazing room will ring again with a swelling orchestra, crooning actors and pounding applause. But we can’t do all that without you. Because, truth is, it’s you — our donors — who will fill this space with sound.

Now is the time to invest, to add certainty to tomorrow, to plant your flag in our future. As one of the most important members of our donor family, you can make a great difference as we weather the coming months. Thank you.


Tim Rater
President and CEO
Paramount Theatre

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Spotlight Monthly Giving


Share your enthusiasm as a sustaining donor by joining our new monthly giving program

As one of our Spotlight donors, your monthly donation will sustain Paramount’s dedication to make the arts accessible to our community and to introduce the magic of live theatre across generations.

Consider a small, recurring charitable donation to sustain our award-wining work.  You could choose to give $10 a month, commemorating the 10 years of our Broadway Series…$36 a month, to honor each of our 36 Broadway Series shows…or $84 a month to honor our actors’ 84 Jeff Award nominations. You can even make a one-time contribution, just to say “Keep up the good work!”

Here’s how much your gift means to Paramount Nation!

$5 a month provides tickets to local families through our Dreams Do Come True initiative

$10 a month provides scholarships to students at the School of the Arts

$25 a month provides school bus transportation to students to attend imaginative live-theatrical events

$50 a month provides sign language interpretation at many of our Broadway series performances

Your generosity makes it possible for more people to experience the grandeur of the Paramount Theatre, the intimacy of the Copley Theatre and the atmosphere of RiverEdge Park.

Join Spotlight to support the Paramount mission all year long!

donate now


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Encore Society

Planned Giving at the Paramount

“When I donate here, I feel that I really see the results on stage. Yes, I give because the shows are amazing — but mostly to make sure it all continues.”

For generations, theater-goers have enjoyed musicals, concerts, movies and more on-stage at the Paramount. A planned gift to Paramount Theatre will fulfill our mission to introduce the magic of live performing arts to future generations.

The Encore Society honors individuals that have chosen to arrange a planned gift to support the Paramount in their estate plans. Such a gift enables you, the donor, to achieve your personal financial goals (e.g., limiting estate taxes, provide for your heirs) and leave a lasting legacy of support at Paramount.

As you make long-term financial arrangements with family and loved-ones, including estate plans, please consider Paramount as a part of your long-lasting legacy. Gifts of any amount are accepted and can be designated to the fund of your choice.  Benefits are life-long and begin as soon as you notify us of your gift and send a copy of the documentation that mentions Paramount Theatre. In addition, naming opportunities may be available.

For more information on Planned Giving and the various gift giving vehicles with which you can support the Encore Society, contact Jonathan Jensen, Chief Development Officer at 630-723-2484 or

Encore Society Downloadable Form

Format: PDF


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Corporate Sponsorship

sponsor a show

Our sponsors play a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of Paramount productions and preserving the beauty of the theater itself. We value our sponsors highly and offer a number of benefits in return! To inquire about sponsoring a show, please contact Joel Friend at

Sponsorship Benefits

  • BRAND RECOGNITION Logo presence in Paramount Materials
  • BRAND EXPOSURE Logo presence to a wide demographic of Paramount patrons from several regions
  • PRINT ADVERTISING Logo presence on print advertising done for sponsored show
  • FLYERS & POSTCARDS Logo presence on flyers and postcards for sponsored show
  • SPONSOR DISPLAY Logo presence on prominent sponsor display in lobby for one year
  • SIGNAGE Company name included on all visible signage in the lobby for sponsored show
  • ANNOUNCEMENT On-stage acknowledgement prior to sponsored show
  • PREMIERE SOCIETY Prominent Premiere Society signage in lobby for one year
  • INDOOR EXHIBITION SPACE Allows sponsors to have the opportunity to reach and speak to the entire audience
  • MARQUEE Company name displayed on Paramount Marquee during sponsored show (dependent on level of sponsorship)
  • TICKETS Complimentary tickets to sponsored shows (number of tickets dependent on level of sponsorship)
  • MEET & GREETS First opportunity for approved Meet and Greet with performer (dependent on availability)

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

For more philanthropic opportunities, please contact Chief Development Officer Jonathan Jensen at 630-723-2484 or
Paramount Arts Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Our Donors

Thank you to our generous donors!


$10,000 or more

BMO Harris Bank
John & Erin Bryan
ComEd Exelon Company
Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
The Dunham Fund
Thomas & Joyce Fisher
Bruce & Linda Grider
Jonathan & Amber Hylton
Illinois Arts Council
Jake’s Inc.
Kiwanis Club of Aurora & Kim Groom, 2019 President
McKee Family Fund
Old Second National Bank
Paramount Arts Centre Endowment
James D. Pearson Family
Rush Copley Medical Center
John & Jean Savage


$5,000 – $9,999

William Ainsworth
Mike & Jan Baum
Dan Deufel
Daniel D. Dolan Family Advisory Endowment Fund
Monica Donath
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Scott & Jane Glor
Hollywood Casino Aurora
Julie Proscia & Tim Hoppa
Illinois Public Risk Fund
Terence Kothe
Gary & Judy McCann
Schmitt McDonald’s Corporation
Robert Sherry
Frank & Char Voris
James & Pamela Wyman


$2,500 – $4,999

Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.
Sherry L. Cosentine
Bruce & Margot Goldsmith
Ald. Scheketa Hart-Burns
Jean M. Hawkinson
HUB International
Pamela Jackson
Janet & Stephen Kenyon
Douglas & Stacey Meyer
Rosemary Murray
Dr. Eric Nolan & Mike Finan
Gerald & Mary Ellen Palmer
Tim & Bridgette Rater
Dale & Sarah Richardson
Steven & Jacqueline Risch
Theatrical Stage Employees Union Local Two
Mark & Pam Truemper
Ralph & Linda Voris


$1,000 – $2,499

William Airey
Diane Barrowman
Ruth & Thomas Bastian
William & Margaret Benoit
James & Susan Bergeron
Lynn Bohmer
Bob & Julie Bowen
Robert Boynton
Betty & Don Brownson
Kara Butts
Elaine Bynum
Mark & Donna Cantalupo
Dr. Lori Civello
Joe & Shelly Clayton
Ray & Melissa Cliff
Gary & June Ann Cooney
Jim Corti
Rodney Crossland
Lorraine & Peter Dirks
Roy & Rachel Downing
The Ecolab Foundation
John Fayfar & Chuck Dooley
Coleen Feece
Russell & Judy Flores
Craig & Annette Frier
Fuse LLC
Christopher & Dorothy Gaines
Andrea Galvin
John & Therese Gaudio
Carol Gerhardt
Carol Gomien
Hon. Peter & Susan Grometer
Hampton Inn & Suites
Robert Harding
Jill & Matt Helser
Jack & Diane Hienton
Linda Hirt
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Aurora-Naperville
Mark & Suzanne Hosticka
Brian & Melissa Hurst
Jonathan & Jessica Jensen
Joe Jesensky
Yvonne Johnson
Mary Keene
Cynthia Latimer
Ronald & Carol Lee
Paul & Sherry Loewe
Kathleen Mackie
Stephen & Gail Mancuso
Mike & Vicki McCoy
John & Gwen McKee
Douglas & Karla Megow
Alan & Dawn Miller
Chris & Erika Miller
Judy Miller
Robert H. & Judith Miller
Wayne & Mary Piccin
Philip & Ann Ramirez-Peduzzi
Kristi Ream-Hoerres
Benjamin & Cheryl Reyes
Michele Savage
Dennis Shank
Jean & Joseph Stubits
Amy Sullivan
Thomas & Valerie Ulett
Valley Dental Care
Donna Vegter
Michael & MaryJo Vetter
Wadsworth Family Cultural Arts Endowment Fund
Marilyn Weisner
In Memory of Tom Weisner
Lee & Barbara Wilkins
Janice Williams


$500 – $999

AmazonSmile Foundation
Katherine Balek
Jim Becker
The Bellafiore Family- V.J., Angie, Ava & Jayme
Karen Bennett
Michele Bergeron
Marcy Biage
Bonita Bis
Diane Borowczyk
Aaliyah Brossett
Paul & Paula Buddy
Denise Buti
Cathleen Bylina
Thomas Cleland
Debra Cobb
Claudia Coveny
Fran Cullotta
John & Pam Dalby
Janice Davis
Joe & Sue DiQuinzio
Sally Egan
Janet Essex
A.D. Farrugia
Kenneth & Kristine Fay
James & Patricia Feeley
First Midwest Bank
Lawrence & Pat Frieders
Joe & Susan Fuller
The Gelber Family
Annette & Travis Golz
Gerald Good II
Jennifer, Aaron, Loretta & Martha Hahn
Chris & Mary Heineman
Steve & Nancy Hensley
Paul & Caryl Herwick
Beverly Hoehne
Marianne Hofbauer McCoy
Deborah Hoover
Carol Hubbard
Patricia Hucker
Margie & Michael Isaacson
Sarah Kimber
Tom & Dawn King
Judy Kmak
Dennis & Roberta Kmiec
Michael & Nancy Knutson
Patricia Kohut
Kathryn Krivacek
Cheryl Kunkel
Barbara Laimins
Larry Larson
Barbara LeMaster
Zelda Lewis
Vicki Longfellow
Jennifer Lovejoy
Jessica Lovejoy
Mary Beth & Raymond Matkovich
Cyril & Joyce Matter
Kathleen & Mike McCabe
Kristin Mellish
Mandy Modic Endowment Fund
Jon & Barbara Morgan
Guy & Carol Morice
Adam, Mo & Rocky Morrison
David Natchke
Teresa Navratil
Florence Norton
Maria Owens
Roger & Barbara Yaney Palmer
Stephanie Pecharich
Brenda Pedigo
Joe & Glonar Philips
Jason & Andrea Pikscher
Olive Poliks
Ed & Donna Posuch
Connie Poulopoulos
Mary Powers
Rose & Liam Quealy
Darlene Radtke
Barbara Ragan
Melinda Ray
Barbara Reece
Kim Remus
Sharon Robb
Kenneth & Carol Rojek
Diane Roloff
Joanne Ruhl
Cledia Rush
Susan Rutkowski
Daniel & Susan Ryan
Chuck & Chris Salisbury
Ingrid Scheckel
Edward & Brenda Schindlbeck
Margaret Schmit
Elizabeth Scott
Jayne Baron Sherman
Susan Siegfried
Maureen Slater
Diane Smith
Melissa M. Striedl
Shirley Thompson
Ben & Kathleen Timm Ganey
Steve & Lillian Tsai
Christine Goerlich Weber
Brenda & Mackenzie Van Wyhe
Kim Verbout
Gordon & Marie Watson
Ewing Tate Wayland
Craig & Stephanie Wheatley
Suzanne Wielgus
Dennis Wowra
Thomas & Carolyn Wujeck
Jerry & Barb Youngren
Georgianna Zakosek


$250 – $499

Bari Baskin
Steve & Anne Beatty
David Belanger
Terrence & Patricia Blaida
Terald Brue
Bob Cissell
The Chris Clementz Family
Jayne Cooper
Derek Cottier
Al Davis
Kristen DeLay
Jean B. Devine
Donald & Liz Drogosz
Alex & Christa Escalante
Gary Fairhead
Steve Foote
Marilyn & Bill Foote
Front of House Staff 2019
Kris & Charlie Fulton
Alice & Jack Gagliano
Michael Garcia
Cheryl Garrigan
Barbara Gibbs
Victoria & Charles Gill
Chuck & Betty Gilmore
Peter & Mary Jo Ginter
Micah, Josie, Desiree & Rick Guzman
Paul & Eileen Hagen
Robert Hall
Vanessa Hatcher
Jeff, Erin, Alyssa & Rebecca Hartman
Hauck Family
Cheryl Holland
Edith Holst
Dennis Johnson
Joann & David Kamp
Mark & Cheryl Knox
Sandy Knutson Grebner
Lois & Larry Leadley
Richard Liczwek
Lorin Lynch & Lynne Lichtenauer
The Margolis Family
Lloyd & Judy Marlar
Bill & Robin Marlowe
Gary Mather
Robert Mathews
Richard Maytum
Terry Medhurst
Aspen Mitchell Mead
Anne & David Myers
Jim & Kathy Navota
Boyd Nelson
Network for Good
Kirk & Janelle Neuhaus
Patti Nordhem & Carol J. Schmitt
Neal Ormond
Dan & Lori Palmer
John & Roberta Paskvalich
Debbie Perez
Tom & Penny Perles
Susan Push
Javier & Rebecca Ramirez
Marlene & Joe Richards
Ricky Rieckert
In Memory of Susan E. Johnson
Robert & Murriel Riedesel
Anthony & Cynthia Risky
Steve Roberts
John & Shirley Roesch
Frank & Shelley Saltijeral
Gretchen & Jim Sauer
Linda Sonner
Bill & Patty Stefanski
Dr. Karen J. Stewart
Dawn Struxness
Teddy & Sharon Szczepankowski
Ronald & Barbara Vavrinek
Joann & Dave Verdeyen
Roger Vernon
Allison & Joseph Villinski
Carrie Vournazos
Miriam Wade-Hicks
Frances Ward
Susan Watkins
Susan Wishnick
Dennis Zacek & Marcelle McVry
Rita & Robert Zuponeck

For more philanthropic opportunities, please contact Chief Development Officer Jonathan Jensen at 630-723-2484 or
Paramount Arts Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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