About Bold
“The world of theatre is vast. Writers and directors raise our humanity like prisms to the light reflecting a spectrum of comedies, dramas, and music in ways you never knew existed. Paramount’s BOLD Series offers adventures to edify, entertain, and gather us together in this latest addition to the artistic hub burgeoning in Downtown Aurora. Come discover what we’ve found for you!”-Artistic Director Jim Corti

After nearly a decade of planning…

The Copley Theatre is undergoing a major renovation, transforming into an intimate, contemporary space to house our next creative adventure. Previously used to host community events, rehearsals and the annual run of the Second City’s holiday improv shows, the new Copley Theatre will allow us to dramatically expand the type of art that we can produce.

The stage will have a new configuration, and the back stage support spaces for cast, crew and musicians will be overhauled. The sightlines and seating will be set up in a way that allows the audience to come together and collectively share an intimate experience.

The directors and artists will be courageous; they will be passionate about the story that they are telling. In a word, they will be bold.

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Copley Theatre Transformation

$2 million renovation

Flip through the gallery to follow the Copley Theatre transformation

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Copley Theatre Renderings

GET READY FOR The Newly-Renovated Copley Theatre

Opening Fall 2021

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