NOTE: We are not looking for child performers (under the age of 16).

Please submit a video along with your headshot/resume via YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox to casting@paramountarts.com. The video should include EITHER one one-minute cut of a song of your choice in the style of the show OR you may sing one of the cuts provided here. Submissions will be accepted from the time of this posting to 11:59pm on Monday, January 24th, 2022.

A note about casting (adopted from language with consent originally created by Kevin Kantor and Emily Traquin of actors Theatre of Louisville):

Most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the following character descriptions. However limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with. We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.

First Rehearsal: August 1, 2022
Tech Begins: August 25, 2022
First Preview: August 31, 2022
Opening Night: September 9, 2022
Closing Night: October 16, 2022

Christopher D. Betts- Director
TBD- Choreographer
TBD- Music Director
Trent Stork, CSA- Casting Director
Rueben Echoles- Associate Casting Director
Jim Corti- Artistic Director
Amber Mak- Artistic Producer
Paul-Jordan Jansen- Associate Artistic Producer

DEENA JONES: (Black, Female, 20s-30s) Initially modest and svelte backup singer for The Dreamettes, turned lead singer of The Dreams. An endearing ingenue with regality, grace, and quiet confidence. Her humble beginnings make her an unsuspected underdog. As the lead singer, she is magnetic, effortless, and effervescent. Replaces her best friend, Effie under pressure. Embodies both innocence and star power.

EFFIE MELODY WHITE: (Black, Female, 20s-30s) Lead Singer of The Dreamettes. A powerhouse and a soaring singer with undeniable talent. The true underdog. A vibrant, confident, and outspoken young woman who wears her heart of gold on her sleeve. Becomes overcome with anger, jealousy, and paranoia when Curtis betrays her trust. Her journey from snappy confidence to depths of betrayal ultimately ends in triumph.

LORRELL ROBINSON: (Black, Female, 20s-30s) The group’s youngest member. Bubbly, energetic, youthful, and pragmatic. Eager for success, she’s swept off her feet by the married James Thunder Early. Speaks her mind. A high-energy, quirky, hopeless romantic. Has a keen sense of humor and comedic skill.

C.C. WHITE: (Black, Male, 20s) Effie’s songwriting younger brother. Idealistic, loyal, endearing, and soft-spoken. While initially inspired by Curtis’s business savvy, his efforts to do the right thing are ultimately eclipsed by Curtis’ controlling vision. Goes through the journey of losing and regaining himself.

MICHELLE MORRIS: (Black, Female, 20s-30s) Replacement for Effie. A Dynamic singer/performer that better fits into Curtis’ aesthetic for The Dreams. Headstrong and sure of her place. Falls in love with C.C. and facilitates the reunion of him and his sister, Effie.

JAMES “THUNDER” EARLY: (Black, Male, 30s – 40s) Self-proclaimed “King of Soul”. A chart-topping and dynamic performer. A sexy, high-energy star full of flash, charisma, and pizazz. Once a trendsetter, the newer trends threaten to pass him by. A deeply troubled showman of the era, who lets loose in every aspect of his life.

CURTIS TAYLOR JR: (Black, Male, 20s – 40s) Former Cadillac dealer turned entertainment manager, turned music mogul. Charming, funny, handsome, smooth, and seductive but ruthless in the pursuit of his dreams. He is motivated by his hunger for mainstream success, an appreciation for crossover music, and keen business mind. Takes over the management of Jimmy Early’s career and oversees the rise to stardom of The Dreams. Initially warm and approachable, he becomes hardened by wealth, power, and control.

MARTY: (Black, Male, 40s-60s) NON-SINGING Street savvy, long-time manager of Jimmy’s career, and the one to clean up after his mistakes. Represents an earlier age of black entertainment; honest and loyal, never overstepping his bounds. At odds with Curtis and his ideas and schemes. Later oversees Effie’s comeback.

ENSEMBLE OF EXCELLENT SINGER / DANCERS: (Black, All Ages) Singer/Dancers to play various supporting roles: must be strong singers and move very well. All ensemble members should possess unique and vivid personalities and have the ability to play a wide variety of characters including: Tiny Joe Dixon, Dave & the Sweethearts, The Stepp Sisters, The Tuxedos, Charlene, Joann, M.C., Stage Manager, Little Albert, Mr. Morgan, The Tru-Tones, Dwight, fans, reporters, stagehands, party guests, photographers, film executives, etc.

DAVE (White, Male, 20s-30s) Cadillac Car soloist. Lead singer of Dave and The Sweethearts. “All American” pop singer of the 1960s. Covers Jimmy Early and the Dreamettes’ ‘Cadillac Car’ and steals their thunder.

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