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It started with just a dream.

President and CEO Tim Rater imagined opening a school of the arts when he interviewed for the position nine years ago. Nearly a decade later, our dream is now becoming a reality. 

“We’ve been working on making this happen for so many years. I just can’t believe we are about to open our doors.” -Tim Rater

On June 1, 2019, those doors officially opened with classes for all ages – newborns to adults – in theater, music, dance and visual arts. 

What is Paramount School of the Arts?

Paramount School of the Arts is home to kids who feel differently, dream differently and express themselves differently. We are for the teens who are a bit braver, a bit bolder and a bit more determined. We are for the adults and seniors that are still dreaming, still growing and still taking risks.

This is a safe place to push yourself, to learn perseverance, to amplify your creative voice and vision and to become a better human. You will have access to some of the finest teaching artists and professionals in the country, many that you’ve seen on the Paramount Theatre stage. We look forward to welcoming you to the ever-growing, never-ending Paramount Family.


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