TheatRE for Young Audiences

Welcome to our Theatre for Young Audiences’ program! We believe in the power of theatre to inspire, educate, and entertain young minds. Our program is designed to spark the imagination of students and encourage them to explore the world around them through the art of storytelling.

As a teacher, you have the power to shape the minds of your students and inspire them to be creative, curious, and empathetic. That’s why we want to invite you and your students to experience the magic of live theatre by booking a performance of Brighter Futures for your school early 2024.

About Brighter Futures

At the start of the school year, three friends navigate the challenges of teenage life in the age of social media, homework, sports, and relationships. Enter Daskalos – an Artificial Intelligence App that promises to do their school work, boost their grades and improve their lives. What’s the worst that could happen?

As they struggle to balance their passions with the demands of their daily lives, tensions begin to rise, and trust is tested and they must confront the fallout of their actions and decide whether forgiveness is possible. Through the power of song and a timely story, this musical play explores the joys and sorrows of friendship, the perils of social media, and the importance of honesty and forgiveness in a world where trust can be easily broken.

Brighter Futures is written by Satya Chavez, J, and Gabe Ruiz.

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Paramount Theatre and the Paramount School of the Arts commissioned Brighter Futures in the Fall of 2022 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Further support from the Aurora Women’s Empowerment Foundation and individual donors has brought the show to life. The theatre launched this program that taps feedback from area youngsters to create original works on the real issues kids face – navigating family, coping with bullying, embracing diversity, coming of age.

And the best part? Our shows tour to local schools with little to no cost for the school to participate! Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors, we’re able to offer our theatre for young audiences program to schools at a reduced cost. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of live theatre, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

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