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“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

Got a big audition coming up? Let’s prepare together! Our Acting & Musical Theater Audition Coaches will help prepare you for each part of the audition process. Whether it’s your school musical or a professional callback, we want you to feel confident and prepared to bring your best self into the room.

Middle / High School Audition Coaching
For adolescent students looking to prepare an audition for educational or community theater

2 or 3 sessions

  • Preliminary audition work — table talk and on-your-feet coaching.
  • On-your-feet polishing of audition material, callback prep
  • Callback prep
Professional Audition Coaching
For all ages auditioning for a professional theater or on-camera work

2-3 sessions

  • Sessions vary depending on project and material.
College Audition Coaching
For students preparing for the college audition process

10 sessions (standard)

  • Consultation / Sing through rep. Run through any prepared monologues.
    • This session should allow the instructor to spot holes in the student repertoire and begin searching for subsequent material.
    • Try and allow 15-20 minutes in this session to do some preliminary on-your-feet (OYF) work with a piece that is likely to stay in their book. This is important for both the student and the teacher to begin to understand how both like to communicate.
  • Book work on one pre-screen piece, OYF work on one pre-screen piece.
    • New material should also be presented to the student in this session, if not earlier.
  • Book work on an additional pre-screen piece, OYF work on at least one pre-screen piece.
  • Book work on both pre-screen monologues. OYF work for one pre-screen monologue.
  • OYF work for both pre-screen monologues. Review songs for pre-screens.
  • Film pre-screen pieces for schools. Freshen / coach pieces that need short reviews.
  • Review pre-screen materials. Begin prep on an additional piece
    • This should be your final session to spot holes in the student’s repertoire.
  • Book work and OYF work for additional material.
  • Run through core pieces with adjustments.
    • Use this session as an opportunity to throw dramatic adjustments at students. Encourage them taking adjustments from an auditor, asking questions, and following through adjustments with full commitment.
    • Be sure to reset the piece student if they need it. However, some of these adjustments may positively impact the piece. Allow for time to acknowledge and discuss those.
  • Run through rep and polish necessary moments.

Coaching Fee

Prices range based on teacher experience and education level — $75-$125 for one hour or $115-$186 for 90 minutes. We recommend 10 sessions for college audition coaching, 3 sessions for professional coaching and 2 sessions for community / high school audition coaching.

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