Good morning, everyone! I can’t keep a lid on my excitement over the auditions yesterday for next season! It was Day One of casting for Paramount’s 2018-19 Broadway Series, and I kept getting the feeling “I have seen the future.” As anticipated as the roster of shows may be for you, dear reader, I can’t reveal the titles here for you due to our licensing agreements…

so you’ll have to wait until February 5 – only a week from Monday! – for the big announcement.


With Artistic Associate and Casting Director Trent Stork making his directorial debut next season with Co-Choreographer Megan Farley debuting as well, I sat behind the table with Musical Director Kory Danielson, who debuted music directing Million Dollar Quartet this season. The talented trio were all associates to their respective positions and are now calling the shots with their own “by lines” for their own production. With Company Manager Kaylee Oost covering the enrollment for the day, there we were the five of us to greet the almost 200 singers who turned out to try out!

Not only were there a lot of them, a lot of them were absolutely blowing out the windows of the Equity Office onto Randolph Street!

Power vocals! For a minute, you might think you were watching The Voice!


I was especially impressed with how many were just about to graduate college or had just moved to Chicago a few weeks ago making this, for some of them, their first professional audition call. I kept thinking the future of musical theater is looking bright with promise right in this room and on both sides of the table!

You might just want to look into renewing your subscription or pre-ordering for next season’s Broadway Series right away… I’m just sayin’!


I’m off to Cabaret rehearsal as they will be working through Act 1, and I’ve only been able to catch a few sequences of staging. What I have seen is already nothing short of mind-blowing.

There is something happening here that is very special, of a stature and artistry, story and style, that is going to make for an unforgettable experience.


Katie Spelman debuts, her first time at the helm directing and choreographing. Yes, you are seeing a pattern here, and I’m quite proud of it.

With Tim Rater, Paramount is creating opportunities for artists. They are making a name for themselves, coming into their own.


Now I don’t want to be late for Willkommen!

Love & thanks,


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