2021/2022 SEASON

New Orleans. The heat is sweltering; the liquor flows, and the secrets are as thick as the humidity.


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Pull up a chair and join the high-stakes game of cards. To your left is Stella Kowalski, married, loves her husband and will do anything for him. On your right is Stanley Kowalski, hard drinking, hard playing and hard fists that get used a lot. Across from you is Blanche DuBois, vulnerable, alone and ready to break. Streetcar confronts us with the tenuous relationship between reality and illusion, hope and despair and the brutal battle for beauty and tenderness when the world feels like it’s conspiring against you. The players are in place. The cards are dealt. Hold on for your life.

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Meet the Team

Artistic Team

April Cleveland


April Cleveland is a director, educator and ensemble member at The COOP Theatre, Off-Broadway. She directs fast-paced thrillers across genres, from classics and contemporary adaptations to dystopian new work and large-scale musicals. Her work interrogates reality and perception, and often features wild women at the center of a faltering world. April is making her directorial debut at Copley Theatre for the inaugural Bold Series. read more

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