Critic Reviews

“A splashy new production with a formidably talented cast that really does have something new to give.”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Mind blowingly amazing
Dean Richards, WGN TV & RADIO

“Inspires nothing less than awe from first note to last”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Powerful … splendidly sung.”
Barbra Vitello, Daily Herald

“This production is staged to perfection … fresh and vibrant”
Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

“Find your resurrected ‘Superstar’ at the Church of the Blessed Paramount
Barry Reszel, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

One of the most indescribable productions I’ve yet to see this year”
Frederick Alphonso, Bring It Black

Brilliant … Glorious … Powerful”
Eric Schelkopf, Kane County Chronicle

Gorgeously sung, magnificently acted and technically superb
Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“I honestly have to say this is the best version of Jesus Christ Superstar I have ever seen.”
Chicago Critic, Sally Osborne

“an energized, witty, flawless version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice classic”
Northwest Herald, Regina Belt-Daniels

Patron Reviews

“Well, it’s the best production of JCS I have ever seen and I’ve seen it live 3 other times. It’s fun, fresh and funky.” Rene, Facebook

“Jesus Christ Superstar was a fabulous production. Very talented singers. I loved it. Highly recommend!” Gina, Facebook

“Beautiful theater with a wonderful and exceptional cast of Jesus Christ Superstar! Enjoyed every minute of it!” Harold, Facebook

“This production of Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the best I’ve seen. From the vocals, to the choreography, to the costuming….it was just great!” Joy, Facebook

“Just saw Jesus Christ Superstar and it was amazing! All the voices were beautiful! The notes they hit and the length they held those notes was beyond words!” Lynn, Facebook

“Once again a fantastic performance. The cast and crew make it so easy to forget reality and delve into the story. It was wonderful and the music and dance only added to the wonderful experience.” Crystal, Facebook

“Jesus Christ Superstar has always been one of my favorites. Kudos to an incredible show! If you’ve never seen a show at the Paramount, you’re really missing out!” Jeff, Facebook

“I am a JCS groupie. This production was the MOST amazing production I have ever seen. The singing was spectacular!” –Lauren, Facebook

Fantastic voices, very talented actors, set was a marvel and perfection in orchestration! You have outdone yourselves! Thank you for a wonderful evening! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” –Jean, Facebook

“The performers in Jesus Christ Super Star were above any others I have seen. The costume department also needs 5 stars on this! Truly one of the best I have ever attended.” Carol, Facebook

“It was amazing! I think it might be my favorite show by far. I found it to be so powerful and moving. I loved it!!!” –Patron, Survey

“This performance was better than some I have seen in Chicago.” –Patron, Survey

Amazing! Best show at Paramount ever!” –Patron, Survey

“We took in the show today. Wow! What a great production! The cast, set and orchestra were wonderful. Take a bow Paramount Theatre, you did it again!” Ed, Facebook

“Paramount has done it again! Another outstanding performance. I’ve been a subscriber for three years and have not been disappointed in any production. Cast and orchestra for JC Superstar were Superstars themselves! Bravo! WOW!!! No words to describe this performance. One of your best yet!!!!” –Patron, Survey

“This was arguably the best performance to date at Paramount Theatre and definitely the best production of JC Superstar I have seen. I have seen 4 other productions. Phenomenal, creative, talent off the charts.” –Maureen, Facebook

“You do not want to miss this extraordinary production! This is one of the very best musicals (in every way) we have ever attended!” Donna, Facebook

“The most magnificent collection of voices ever!” –Patron, Survey

“Absolutely amazing vocal talent!! Fantastic cast! Great presentation, creative!” –Patron, Survey

“It is such a fabulous production, saw it Sunday afternoon. I cannot say enough about the singing. Just absolutely amazing, with every note of every song. All of them sings with their hearts on that stage. Loved every minute of it. Thank you to Paramount and the cast, for a beautiful experience.” Debbie, Facebook

“You did it AGAIN! Another outstanding performance!” –Patron, Survey

Amazing show! Acting and singing was of the highest quality. Best rendition I have seen of this show.” –Patron, Survey

“Jesus Christ Superstar was an A M A Z I N G !!!! show. The voices and talent were excellent. This might be your best show yet! :)” –Patron, Survey

“Remarkable Performance! Extremely high quality. No need to go to Broadway!” –Patron, Survey

“The show was PHENOMENAL! Just wow. I first saw this play in London 21 years ago. The Paramount cast blew me away. Amazing acting, beautiful voices. I wish I could purchase a CD of this cast singing. Highly recommend the show!” Mandy, Facebook

“”We have seen several groups performing Jesus Christ Superstar and this was THE BEST!!!” –Patron, Survey

“Last night I was reborn by seeing Jesus Christ Superstar there were so hard things to watch in the show but I was so touched and moved by the cast and their characters at the end of the show I thought the person who was playing Jesus reminded me of Jesus” Marin, Facebook 

“We both had goosebumps at the end of the performance. We both felt of all the shows in this year’s series this was the best. Wish we were closer because we would try to get tickets to see again.” –Patron, Survey

“The entire experience was fabulous! The show Jesus Christ Superstar was out of this world wonderful! And the workers at the theater were great!” –Patron, Survey

“I recently saw Jesus Christ Superstar with my 10 year old son. We loved it! I’ve taken my son to see shows over and over year after year. The experience is something I hope he will cherish for a long time.” Alo, Facebook 

FABULOUS, EXCEPTIONAL, WONDERFUL!! It has now moved up to my #1 production at the Paramount. I absolutely LOVED the performance.” –Patron, Survey

“It’s my first time seeing Jesus Christ Superstar, and I must say infinite applause to the whole cast and the Paramount theater and the whole staff. We look forward to the seasons to come. This is our second year of being a subscriber. Thank you.” –Patron, Survey

Awesome time at Jesus Christ Superstar!! Highly recommend it!” Lisa, Facebook 

“Hands down one of the BEST productions we’ve seen!” –Patron, Survey

“Please tell the cast and crew that “Superstar” is one of the very best shows we’ve seen–at the Paramount or anywhere else. The performances–voices and choreography, the costumes, sets, lighting, sound–all of it was stunning!” –Patron, Survey

“I saw JCS on Broadway in the early 70’s and at Drury Lane. This performance was the best.” Patron, Survey

“There was not a weak part in this amazing show…. I wish I had the cash to see it again!!!” Joe, Facebook

“The shows at the Paramount have always been top notch, but this one was exceptional!” Patron, Survey

“The vocals were AMAZING!!!!! Probably the best ever.” Patron, Survey

Awesome play! Awesome actors and the singing was superb! Paramount is a great venue too!” –Betty, Facebook

“How in the world do you keep finding talent that tops the previous show?!?! Phenomenal!” Patron, Survey

“I play in the orchestra for musicals and attend many; this is one of THE best shows I’ve ever seen!” Patron, Survey

“Always excellent productions. Everything they do is great. They have amazing production values, source the best performers, and hire a full orchestra for their Broadway series. Worth the drive from the city.” –Anna, Facebook

“Really beautiful production. Loved every minute of it!!” –Dorothy, Facebook

“We are always impressed with performances. After each show we think it can’t get any better – then it does!!! OMG -JCSS was amazing!!!” Patron, Survey

“It was fabulous! Best production of this show I have seen and this was my sixth one.” –Patron, Survey

Best musical performance I have ever seen. I am looking forward to seeing it again before it closes.” –Patron, Survey

Outstanding performances .. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay for another show!!” -Patron, Survey

“I recently saw Jesus Christ Superstar and I enjoyed every minute of it! The theatre was nice and so was the staff! I will be going back!” -Loren, Facebook

“It was fabulous!! The emotion the actors portrayed through their movement and voices still gives me goosebumps. Bravo!” Patron, Survey

“My husband and I LOVED Jesus Christ Superstar!! The voices were phenomenal. The whole production was just amazing! Wish we could see it again!” Kim, Facebook

Great production. Awesome talent. Don’t miss this one!!”–Debbie, Facebook