You’ve heard what the critics have to say…
now hear it from our patrons!

“This was one amazing show! Being a senior citizen I was not expecting a show that would wow me, but I was wrong. From the set to the puppets to the fantastic singing, this show was a winner! Congratulations to Amber Mak for putting together a show that endears the very young to the older crowd. Watching the children in the audience will bring back those childhood memories of imagination and innocence. Thank You.” -Chris, Facebook

The Little Mermaid went far above any expectations that I had. I came to the theatre prepared to sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful fairytale. I got SO MUCH MORE. … I am an adult that was taken back to childhood where miraculous things like seeing and hearing a mermaid are possible.” -Ruth K., Facebook

“I was really impressed with the production of The Little Mermaid yesterday. I expected my grandson to enjoy it but didn’t realize how much fun I would like it. The costumes were beautiful as was the singing.” -Ruth E., Facebook

“My daughter and I were there for yesterday’s show (of The Little Mermaid) also and it was the best one we have seen in the last two years.” -Nicole, Facebook

“I was blown away from the first scene to the last. The Little mermaid swimming from the bottom of the stage to the top as her fins turned to feet was remarkable.” -Cheryl, Facebook

Mamma Mia and The Little Mermaid were both Broadway quality and blew me away.” -Amber, Facebook

“What a great show!!! The set, props, music, vocals, choreography …. everything was terrific!! I was in awe and blown away by this performance!!” -Rose, Facebook

“The show was fantastic! The costumes were creative, beautiful and colorful. The voices were outstanding. So much energy! Very much enjoyed the show. Would love to see it again! Lots of fun!” -Mary, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was fun for the entire family. Singing was incredible and the creatures living in the sea were captivating.” -Rebecca, Facebook

“My daughter and I saw The Little Mermaid yesterday, and we had a phenomenal time! The show was incredible-amazing talent, sets, costumes, and special effects. I will definitely be returning to the Paramount soon!” -Gregory, Facebook

The Little Mermaid far exceeded my expectations. The puppetry, choreography, and singing was all amazing. It’s one of the best plays I have seen at the Paramount in Aurora.” -Diana, Facebook

“We just saw The Little Mermaid. It was spectacular! Absolutely stunning!-Lin, Facebook

Magical!!! Beautifully cast. Loved the music, and the VOICES on these actors! Brilliant, from start to finish. -Deanna, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was amazing. They were so talented and the props were incredible.” -Wendy, Facebook

Don’t miss this production of The Little Mermaid! The scenery, costumes, puppetry, music, singing and dancing are outstanding! Loved it!” -Janyce, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was amazing! Excellent cast! Great show for all ages!”-Barb, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was amazing! Go see it, right meow!-Jacqueline, Facebook

“Beautiful theatre! Energetic show! We loved The Little Mermaid!” -Ginger, Facebook

“Saw the show with friends last night and had a FANTASTIC time!!” -Jack, Facebook

“My husband & I went to see The Little Mermaid Thursday. I must admit I was a (bit) worried about his reaction to this play. I shouldn’t have been. He was as delighted with it as I was. He kept remarking about the amount of work & rehearsal that went into doing it. Paramount, I think you topped yourself with this play.” -Frances, Facebook

“Just came back home from this amazing show. It is a must see for the whole family.” -Jamie, Facebook

“We had a great time at The Little Mermaid yesterday. Best play we’ve seen anywhere in a long time!” -Pam, Facebook

“Your production of Little Mermaid deserves to be on Broadway, the best yet. The set design is amazing! The costumes are outstanding! The actors, singing and dancing…fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the play. Your productions get better and better each year.” -Marianne, Facebook

“I was completely in awe the whole time. From the set to the singing to the actors. It was absolutely amazing.” -Kari, Facebook

“The sound was great. The cast had amazing energy. One of the better performances I’ve seen at the Paramount.” -Marc, Facebook

“The performance was terrific! Voices so great it gives you goosebumps. The set decorations were outstanding. We were mesmerized! All the staff was friendly and helpful.” -Deb, Facebook

“Such a great show!! I was a huge dork singing along to all the songs and dancing in my seat!” -Alyssa, Facebook

“The show was absolutely amazing.” –Lorrie, Facebook

“What a fabulous theater! I love that we don’t always have to go to downtown Chicago to see a quality show!” -Adrienne, Facebook

Love it…wonderful productions…most beautiful sets on The Little Mermaid.” -Laurie, Facebook

“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was AWESOME!!! The whole experience was just breathtaking.” -Anonymous, Survey

“This was an amazing show! Bravo!! The set and costumes were fantastic, as were all of the performers. One of the best shows that I have seen in years!” -Anonymous, Survey

“Knowing this was a ‘children’s’ show, I was so in awe of the artistry of the puppet characters that made this a delight for the adults.” -Anonymous, Survey

So creative in costuming, sets, puppetry, music, staging………every cast member gave 200 percent. We LOVED this performance and wish we could see it again.” -Anonymous, Survey

“Every single component was beyond compare. Masterful!” -Anonymous, Survey

Outstanding. Wish I could see it again, and again.” -Anonymous, Survey

“This might be one of the best performances I have ever seen.” -Anonymous, Survey

The Little Mermaid was absolutely breathtaking!! One of my favorite performances ever and I have seen shows around the world! Such amazing talent, costumes, sets, music, etc!!!” -Anonymous, Survey

One of the best performances I’ve seen at the Paramount. The set was amazing!” -Anonymous, Survey

Incredible show!” -Anonymous, Survey

“Probably my absolute favorite show so far — well cast and innovative.” -Anonymous, Survey

“I have to say that I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of seeing The Little Mermaidthought it was just a kid’s type of show. Holy Cow, was I ever wrong! It was FABULOUS! The set design, the costumes, the use of puppets, and the talent of the performers–all were spectacular!” -Anonymous, Survey

“As always, the voices were outstanding, particularly the leads. In addition, I was thoroughly enchanted by the costumes, set design, and “puppets.” It was utterly amazing!” -Anonymous, Survey

“Phenomenal! Should be on Broadway!” -Anonymous, Survey

“I expected the performance to be aimed more for children (and my children are grown) but found the performance to be DELIGHTFUL for all ages and enjoyed it very much!” -Anonymous, Survey

“BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!” -Anonymous, Survey

Exceeded my expectations. Incredible set design and special effects. Great performers; great voices. Loved it!!” -Anonymous, Survey

Unbelievable vocals, staging, effects!! I’ve been singing “Under the Sea” in my head and recalling the visuals since the performance” -Anonymous, Survey

“When we realized it was a “kid show” we thought about cancelling. But we didn’t and are we pleased we didn’t. A great show. Everything worked.” -Anonymous, Survey

Wonderful play. We are two seniors and we thought of switching out our tickets but the lady at the ticket office said it would be wonderful so we are glad we took their advice.” -Anonymous, Survey

Amazing!!! Loved the acting, singing, the set, music, and lighting!!” -Anonymous, Survey

“The voices were amazing!! Absolutely spectacular!! Truly memorable, well worth the price of admission!” -Anonymous, Survey

“We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the performance of The Little Mermaid! The sets, the costumes, the performances! The colors and lighting were great, the puppets and the actors who controlled them were fabulous!” -Anonymous, Survey

“The production values: casting, choreography, lighting, set design, costumes, sound, and music are simply outstanding and it all came together in a great package” -Anonymous, Survey

“I’ve had my Broadway membership for at least three years and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I was with a group of women and we were all amazed. Usually one or two of the actors stand out with tremendous voices this time there were 4 people that could have been on the soundtrack for the movie. I’d go see it again.” -Anonymous, Survey

I’m just amazed … absolutely wonderful in every area … stage set, music, puppet/animation, costumes, dance, vocals, actors & actresses … you aced it!!!!” -Anonymous, Survey

“All I can say is WOW! It was the best ever and I wasn’t expecting that!” -Anonymous, Survey

“We attend many live performances and this one is one of the best we have ever seen! Everything was so creative and entertaining.” -Anonymous, Survey

One of the best Paramount productions, yet and that is saying a lot. Use of puppets was genius. Sets were amazing. Talent was usual high standard. Saw the Chicago Shakespeare production of The Little Mermaid and loved it. I couldn’t believe that this was better.” -Anonymous, Survey

“I don’t know how you all do it, but every time I attend a show you exceed my expectations!!!” -Anonymous, Survey

The Little Mermaid was the best show we have seen at the Paramount. We wanted to stay for the second show and watch it again!” -Anonymous, Survey

“We are season ticket holders and enjoy all of your shows, but this was BEST ever. It was such a happy and colorful show” -Anonymous, Survey

When the season was announced, we wondered why you would do this musical – but we LOVED it!!” -Anonymous, Survey

“I really enjoyed the show. I took my daughter to celebrate her 33rd birthday. It brought back wonderful memories from her childhood for both of us. Thank you for giving us this experience.” -Anonymous, Survey

“The production of The Little Mermaid was amazing!!” -Jamica, Facebook

The Little Mermaid at the Paramount is wonderful for the entire family! The music was incredible, the sets and visuals were beautiful! Outstanding production!” -Beth, Facebook

“The whole experience was magical…Lighting, special effects, choreography & those beautiful voices were on point!”-Starr, Facebook

“This production of Little Mermaid was a joy for children and adults alike. I am so impressed with the quality of shows at Paramount Theatre. Just as good (or better) than downtown!!” -Susan, Facebook

If you have a chance to go, you should. Well done production, good for family members of all age.” -Sue, Facebook

“Loved the innovative way the sea creatures were crafted for the stage. All the performers were wonderful, especially Sebastian! Perfection!” -Sandy, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was spectacular – gorgeous sets, great performances, beautiful singing. It couldn’t have been any better!” -Doris, Facebook

“What a fantastic production I enjoyed every minute of the show, all are so talented.” -Janice, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was so entertaining, colorful and exciting for all of us! It is a night we’ll never forget!” -Kelly, Facebook

We loved it. Excellent performance, scenery and costumes.” -Marlene, Facebook

Little Mermaid was excellent! Under the Sea is unforgettable. There were 14 of us and we all loved it!” -Susie, Facebook

“Just wonderful. This should win a lot of awards. The scenery, costumes, singing and acting were superb!” -Patricia, Facebook

Laughed till I cried! Amazing.” -Jamie, Facebook

The attention to detail in this show was amazing… I only wish I had the (money) to see it a second time.” -Joe, Facebook

“It was absolutely phenomenal!!! The costumes and sets deserve an award, and the cast was superb, along with the orchestra!!!” -Kathleen, Facebook

“This revival really needs to go to Broadway. Just incredible.” -Adam, Facebook

“I believe this is the best production I have seen at the Paramount. The talent was excellent and the sets were spectacular!! Just bought tickets to see it again!!

“I was texting friends during the intermission to say ‘you have to see this!!!’” -Anonymous, Survey

Fabulous performance. The actors really transported us ‘under the sea’.” -Anonymous, Survey

“The whole show felt like we were on Broadway in New York.” -Anonymous, Survey

“A magical show that is seriously one of the best I have ever seen! Amazing value for money!’ -Anonymous, Survey

“I have seen many performances at the Paramount, and the voices were far superior than ever in the past shows. By far.” -Anonymous, Survey

I think this is one of the best ever! There wasn’t one weak link. The vocals, the orchestra, the set, the lighting, the casting, the acting performances … everything was above and beyond! -Anonymous, Survey

I felt like a little kid while watching and had tears in my eyes throughout most of the performance. Beautiful job by all! -Anonymous, Survey

The Little Mermaid was amazing! Brilliant production. -Anonymous, Survey

“WOW! The lights! The singing! The acting! The costumes! Stellar!” -Anonymous, Survey

“The most creative performance I have seen in 3 years as a subscriber.” -Anonymous, Survey

“The performance was outstanding! Loved the costumes and the actors made the sea creatures come alive.” -Anonymous, Survey

“All of the performances we have seen since becoming Broadway subscribers last year have been excellent… but The Little Mermaid took the Paramount to an even higher level and was by far our very favorite so far!” -Anonymous, Survey

“Last week I was in Disney World and saw “Under the Sea” costumes in a parade which were gorgeous. Yours even blew THAT away!” -Anonymous, Survey

“The Paramount has achieved another artistic milestone in their productions of great quality and enjoyment!!!” -Anonymous, Survey

“This performance was beyond any expectation we could have had. It was amazing and totally entertaining.” -Anonymous, Survey

“Despite your incredible track record, The Little Mermaid still blew me away!” -Anonymous, Survey

“The actors are so talented, the scenery is great, and the entire production is so professionally done.” -Anonymous, Survey

I cannot find words to describe how great The Little Mermaid was and overall how delighted we are to be Broadway series subscribers.” -Anonymous, Survey

“The show was outstanding in every way.” -Anonymous, Survey

The Little Mermaid was a wonderful show. Our whole family loved it. After the show, our three year old granddaughter asked if she could see it again.” -Sandy, Facebook

“We loved it. The cast was great. The puppets very clever. The girl who played Ariel sounded just like the Disney movie. One of the best Paramount productions we’ve seen. Just as good as downtown Chicago, but much cheaper!-Sue, Facebook

“Outstanding! The sets, the costumes, the choreography and singing rivals any city production.” -Diane, Facebook

“This was a wonderful production and totally enjoyed it.” -Madeline, Facebook

“This was an excellent show that followed the movie perfectly with many additional quirky and fun, as well as meaningful songs that told the story!” -Stephanie, Facebook

“Excellent production of The Little Mermaid! My daughters and I truly were mesmerized and entertained. I can’t recommend it enough!-Lori, Facebook

“Thank you Paramount for a beautiful production that rivaled any Broadway Disney production I’ve seen. You just keep getting more and more amazing!-Christine, Facebook

“What an excellent show for all ages! So much energy. I’d love to see it again! -Judy, Facebook

The Little Mermaid was absolutely marvelous! The sets, the singing, the acting, the total production, were all truly reminiscent of a Broadway show.” -Angelica, Facebook

“The entire production was wonderfully performed, the singing was first rate and the dancing and scenery was well done. I expected my granddaughter to enjoy it but was pleasantly surprised that I totally loved it as well.” -Rossi, Facebook

“The show was wonderfully entertaining! The cast of The Little Mermaid were all so talented, their voices were amazing!” -Phyllis, Facebook