Paramount Theatre’s LES MISERABLES opened Saturday night to unprecedented raves from our audience and critics alike! Dear reader, it feels like the impossible has been made possible. Right here in Downtown Aurora, we know we can create theatre on a world-class scale that will not only dazzle but engage the heart and mind of anyone from anywhere. Among people from all walks of life, all ages, all neighborhoods and diverse backgrounds, all gathered under one roof, we sit together in the dark and watch a story over 150 years old take its hold over us teaching how forgiveness and love can change our lives, give us hope and redeem the past for a future of possibilities…how the present moment holds inspiration and courage to transform ourselves for what we know from within is our divine right to happiness in this life. Our lives and our souls are precious. We must take care of them and each other’s. Making choices, making decisions can make a difference in our lives and effect those we love and everyone we meet on our path in life no matter what mistakes we’ve made. We can right our wrongs. We can change. Many of you know the power of this story, but to attend it with a theater full of people and experience it together is what makes this an event from which to share and remember and learn! A father leaving the theater talking to his enthusiastic young son about how in the story “God must be listening!” A beautiful, refined, hispanic woman bringing a small group of men to the theater for what must be their first time, watch and hear the young students on the barricade as their faces light up with smiles and cheers. This gives me what I need to take a deep breath and realize where we are and what we are achieving. How each of us working so hard together for Paramount’s Broadway Series is making a difference. People nod with eyes shining unable to find the words to describe their experience. This is why we have been brought together. My debt and gratitude knows no bounds for the commitment of Tim Rater, this cast and crew, my directing team, designers, production and stage managers, our orchestra, dedicated office staff and you, ladies and gentlemen, for your attendance and support. We can do this right here. Something is happening that is so full of possibilities!

Love & thanks,