Whoa! Slept way too late. Last night was the first night sleeping with the windows open, and in that fresh cool air, my cat, Shorty, and me snuggled sweetly dreaming into the morning!

Auditions for TOMMY all day today! Overbooked with call backs and seeing others for the first time, I gotta say this should be pretty exciting and fun stuff! What a wild cast of characters! Who will be “Tommy”?! And his parents, “Mrs. Walker” and “Capt. Walker”? And “Uncle Ernie,” “Cousin Kevin” and “Gypsy” (The Acid Queen)?!

First thing this morning, we start off with the men dancing Katie Spelman’s choreography and then having them sing from the show. After lunch,we do the same with the ladies this afternoon.This time, we get to take a closer look. Everyone here has something that made them seem like an interesting individual to populate this play, something intriguing to bring to the characters. We start matching actors up, looking at the different types, how they fit vocally, physically, singing, moving… do they have something deep inside to bring to the story’s high energy and dramatic poignancy?

I’ve learned to keep very open. There is much to be said for how casting can be quite remarkable if you stay out of the way and let this moment in time define itself…in a philosophical light: see what the Universe brings! This is also an incredible teaching moment not just from coaching notes or adjustments coming from our side of the table to the actors but from the actors themselves to the work at hand. So many times I find from them the potential entry to the honest truth of a character. How to let the actor define the part. How they access their experience and emotions to bring life to the roles. One can feel the air and light in the room change as they sing and dance and commit themselves and invest their skills in a persona they create for this world right before your eyes. There is a great alchemy at work. And great good fortune. It is not lost on me how lucky we are to be here to honor this occasion of bringing talent together, of gathering everyone here to do their best work…to tell this story of “an amazing journey”…THE WHO’S TOMMY!

Please keep a good thought for us!

My thanks & love,