Critic Reviews

Stunning Cabaret shocks its opening night audience into silence” … “This is revival work of the highest level” 4 out of 4 stars
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Lavish production” … “Masterful” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times

“Emotionally gut-wrenching” … “A big, bold musical that’s pushing the envelope” RECOMMENDED
Dean Richards, WGN TV & Radio

“Perfectly wonderful
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Tonight

“This may be the Best Musical of The Year!”
Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago 

Cabaret is an amazing tour de force
Marissa Amoni, Downtown Auroran

“Paramount can boast another well-deserved victory” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“Should you go see it? Absolutely
Danielle Tufano, 95.9 The River

Well worth the long drive to Aurora”
Noel Schecter, Newcity Stage

“Daring blend of decadence and dread” 3.5 out of 4 stars
Scott C. Morgan, Daily Herald

“this production is not one to be missed”
Karen Topham, Chicago on Stage

Patron Reviews

“Absolutely phenomenal. Provocative and timely. My favorite Paramount show thus far.” -Ben O., Facebook

Amazing” –Daisy L, Facebook

“As always, the cast was outstanding and did an excellent job.” -Patron, Survey

“The cast did an amazing job. One of our favorite musicals.” -Renee L., Facebook

spectacular performance.” -Amanda L., Facebook

Ridiculously good.” -Lisa G., Facebook


Brilliant singing and fantastic choreography” -Chris J., Facebook

“This was the most emotionally compelling musical that I have seen at the Paramount, as well as wonderfully acted and sung. Simply great theater.” -Bruce G., Email

“The casting was perfect. Sets were amazing, as always. Orchestra was fantastic.” -Patron, Survey

GO SEE THIS PLEASE” -Julia K. Facebook 

“It was amazing! Loved every minute of it!” -Elizabeth R., Facebook

“As always, your production was incredible.” -Patron, Survey

“another amazing Paramount production” -Barbara H., Facebook

“The cast and orchestra for CABARET was delightful and their performance was exceptional. I would love to see it again and again.” -Brian E., Facebook

Outstanding in all aspects” -Patron, Survey

“It was amazing and so poignant!” -Sue S., Facebook

“You guys totally blew the movie away. Thanks! I will be going to the theater more often.” -Ron S., Facebook

“Just came home from tonight’s performance and what an incredible production. I am speechless.” -Aron Arellano, Facebook

“Show was FANTASTIC…..AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE!!!!! Paramount Theater is just BEAUTIFUL-Patron, Survey

“The Paramount production has an incredible aftertaste.” -Carol J., Facebook

“It was an amazing production. The audience was stunned into silence by Sally’s last number. Bravo” -Diane E., Facebook

“The acting, choreography, singing, music, lighting, sound…all AMAZING!” -Patron, Survey

“Full of emotions, Intense and thought provoking. Thank you for another great show.” -Rebecca G., Facebook

Stunning. Thought provoking. Timely.” -Mary M., Facebook

Brilliant production!” -Amber G., Facebook