Looking into the light rather than into the abyss is the way challenges are met in life, in the theatre and in a life in the theatre. That is, if I have anything to say about it. Let me just get this out in the open so that we move on and not feel I’m withholding anything from you, dear reader. I’m having a series of tests anticipating a hip revision surgery. The right side of a nine-year-old bilateral hip replacement was never quite, well, right. Out with the old, in with the new as soon as possible, and I’ll be coaxing all of you to come on, keep up with me! 

Challenges abound and are met in the pre-production mode Team Paramount is building on these days! Very much still in process, the enthusiasm for what we are bringing you in Season Six is rapturous, and let’s make no secret about it. While many roles are yet to be cast, (more auditions to come) offers are going out and are in negotiations, while the scenic design for our first two shows, Mamma Mia! and Disney’s The Little Mermaid, are positively awe-inspiring, spectacular. It is a kind of rapture I intuit from everyone, a glow, a shining expectation for the newness of the season and the talent rising in it. Not too sure of ourselves ever, there is a confidence in that the challenges we meet doing something we’ve never done before are worth the risks being taken and the hard work involved. Eyes are popping and jaws are dropping as we discover actors we never knew and designs we never imagined possible. It feels somehow mature being confident taking risks knowing no matter what, we have the skills to make it work. Mature at only five years old! 

For the actors and designers returning this summer/fall, welcome home! And welcome home to our subscribers! Sign up starting June 30 if you haven’t already! With Sweeney Todd and Jesus Christ Superstar included on the bill, this promises to be your most memorable, creative and remarkable season of Broadway Musical Theatre yet!

Love & thanks,