It’s May Day, and “the lusty month of May” begins! Spring is really here! And I’m happy to say Paramount’s production of Once enraptured our audience for Press Opening Saturday night, and the celebration continued all through the weekend! Everyone who sees it, owns it, spellbound and mesmerized, following the story so personally, its success is their success. This show, with its music, its performance and the portrayal of the people in it, is reminding all of us how good it feels to feel good. Here, we’re human like we rarely get to be; laughing through tears, held in the grip of a heart-wrenching song, and then comes the exuberance of cheering on a stage full of superb musicians raising the roof!

Barry DeBois plays Guy and Tiffany Topol plays Girl in Paramount Theatre's Once. Photo credit: Liz Lauren

As well, the silence and stillness captivating this packed house shows a power in its most compelling moments quite unlike anything I could have expected. Life should be filled with more times like this!


I forget how every show and its company does a bit of a number on me in how it feels to let it go. They belong to the world now. The run is in their hands, and there is a type of withdrawal from being without these fine examples of being human every day, all day long. To be with them working to their higher power as creators of art is never lost on me, never gets old and is never taken for granted. Our work together is a privilege I am grateful for daily.

“So, you’ll be getting a little downtime after getting the final show of the season open?” Ha! No! We’ve already begun auditions and pre-production design for next season’s opener Legally Blonde, and casting is shaping up for The Wizard Of Oz as well! Heaven help me, design meetings begin soon for The Producers, while next month auditions will start for August Rush!

Keep a good thought! Come see Once, and while you’re at it, subscribe for next season starting May 29…Season Eight!

Love & thanks, 


Once opens April 25. Don’t miss it!

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Guy (Barry DeBois, center with black guitar) and the ensemble in Paramount Theatre's Once. Photo credit: Liz Lauren