The Musical April 25 - June 3


Critic Reviews

Beautiful and moving” … “probably your last chance to see ‘Once’ in the Chicago area at this level.” 4 out of 4 stars
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“SO well-performed” … “SO well-staged” … “SO great” … “It was moving, elegant, seemingly effortless and complete entertainment.”
Dean Richards, WGN TV & Radio

“a story that will have you laughing right through your tears” … “stunning ensemble work”
Hedy Weiss, WTTW


“Jeff Recommended” indicates at least one element of a production was deemed excellent by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee. The entire production is then eligible for nomination at the end of the season. LEARN MORE

People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it leaves us with joy, other times with sorrow. But it’s what we do with those chance encounters that truly defines who we are.

He was a singer about to give up his dream. She was a patron entranced by his music. It was a fateful meeting spurred by their shared love for music. Guy and Girl, as they’re known throughout the show, begin their relationship when he tells her of his day job as a vacuum cleaner repairman at his father’s shop. Lucky for him, she’s got a Hoover that “doesn’t suck.” When she asks him to fix it, she says she can only pay for the repair with a song. That song is all it takes for Guy and Girl to fall in love, but with that love also comes some baggage. Guy has an ex he can’t get out of his head, and Girl has an estranged husband and a daughter. What’s holding them back couldn’t be heavier, but when it comes to love, the only thing that can stop them is life.

Hailed as “glorious and inspiring,” “gorgeous” and “complete magic,” Once is based on the Oscar-winning movie and is an eight-time Tony Award-winning musical, including Best Musical, Best Actor and Best Book. It is both big and grand in its themes of love and longing, yet simple and subtle in its execution. In today’s world where we’re all struggling to connect, despite a million ways to do so, sometimes the simplest way is through song.

Runtime: 2 hours & 20 minutes including one 15-minute intermission

Rated PG-13 for several four-letter words & mild sexual innuendo



Out of respect for our patrons, children ages 2 and under are not permitted in the theatre.

Out of respect for the artists and in adherence to the union rules we are contractually obligated to enforce, all photography and video recordings of the stage, as well as of the production itself (including audio recording) are strictly prohibited. This policy will be enforced.


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