once director’s notes

Written by Artistic Director Jim Corti

Once an Irish Guy and a Czech Girl, both working-class singer-songwriters, meet on the streets of Dublin. Through their music and, with friends and family, they connect. Asking nothing for herself, Girl gives herself wholly to help Guy make his music and, in changing his life, she will never be the same. The pure virtue of giving desires nothing in return.

Have you ever had a person come into your life and affect a change that creates the best of who you are?


Pure givers in the world know that loving selflessly changes the receiver and the giver forever. Our story reveals how making music, a form of giving, lifts us to our higher-selves. The reward is simply in the doing. We play, sing, dance, create. This is one of those tales about life among the artists; broken, drunken, despairing souls wholly, fully intoxicated with life, love, hope, and all of it simultaneously.

Can we see ourselves in the story up on that stage? Can we be to each other what Girl and Guy have become to one another?


Right now, we are gathering here to show it can happen and, to last a lifetime, it need happen only Once.