Good morning!

Welcome back to work after an extended Thanksgiving Holiday weekend full of food, friends and family! And now, there’s this momentum of global gratitude supercharging into this week: today is Giving Tuesday!

“The more I give, the more I have.” Wracking my brain here, these words spinning ‘round and ‘round, trying to remember from where and how I know them. After surfing the net a few seconds there it is and it hit me: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet! I played Romeo at Loyola U back in the day and Juliet’s words have always somehow stuck with me – classmate Sheila Landahl so beautifully as Juliet from her balcony speaks:

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, for both are infinite.”

The meaningfulness of her words resounds in my head thinking on how giving transforms the one who gives. Any donation you make today is more than what you offer materially. It’s your investment in what you believe – an expansion of, well, your love of how a non-profit organization serves its community. Be one with the development going on that is bigger than any of us individually – we’ve been together now for a full decade; 2011 to 2021!

Pre-shutdown, Paramount Theatre became the second largest subscription-base theatre in the country. And so much is still new! The Paramount School of the Arts is ever-growing classes and scholarships programs, The Bold Series will be inaugurated this spring in the renovated Copley Theatre and atrium of the North Island Center, The Inception Project continues new works development vital to producing new voices and stories while the Broadway Series continues to deliver the highest caliber of musical theatre experience possible made right here in Aurora with live orchestras, spectacular design, and the most astounding triple-threat talent seen anywhere. And there’s in the future, a promising, new downtown theatre space on the horizon, the Stolp Island Theatre (more info to come about that). It’s not so much about what you can give as it is about what you are receiving that really counts through all this exciting transformation! Whatever you give, you get all the more as every donation adds up to the significance of this once a year day’s boundless ongoing service and success. “The more I give…the more I have.”

Love & thanks,