As called upon by the incredible work authored in “We See You White American Theatre”, the board, staff and artists of Aurora Civic Center Authority dedicate our institution to uncovering, unraveling and unwinding racism’s effect upon the communities we serve. We call upon our every peer and patron to do the same.

As an institution, we acknowledge and declare…

…that racism casts a towering shadow over the lives of us all.

…that racism’s poison is both seen and unseen, both stealthy and stark.

…that to deny racism its power, we cannot deny its presence.

…that we must accept racism’s reach if we are to reject its effect.

…that only awakening and vigilance will dissipate hate

Aurora Civic Center Authority will be instrumental in creating an environment of awakening by uplifting marginalized voices and ushering in equity at every opportunity which paves a path to a more just future.

We acknowledge and declare…

…that acting without bias is not the end of bias.

…that treating all people equitably only begins to reverse inequity.

…that it is not enough for our theatre to be anti-racist; we must be an instrument of anti-racism.

…that holding an honest mirror to our community is our solemn mission…and primary ambition.

…that as a theater, we must and will pursue a higher standard, never flinching from our privilege and our passion:

to compel awareness of justice…
…to challenge the forces that divide us…
…to champion the change that will at last unite us.

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