On Saturday night, “Connection: A Social Media Concert Series” released its premiere episode on Paramount Theatre’s Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter, too – what a great show! The theme that week was for students to compose a song about “school” and all the feels they’re experiencing right now being away and staying at home. The talent in this group of singers-songwriters-musicians moved me to cheer them out loud all by myself in my kitchen watching them on my phone! (If anyone walked past my door they could me hear me YAAAAAYYY! after each one!) And what a mixed bag of emotions coming from these remarkable young people! The next morning on Dean Richards WGN Sunday Morning Show we chatted about the good coming out of this critical time in the young voices raised in song so personally Saturday night. How it held a moment for anyone listening to empathize, recognize, realize how the best part of one’s self is their creativity – and how crisis has the potential to bring out the best in us. The artists featured here, like guides, show us an example of how to go within and connect oneself to others. It sure filled me with pride for Team Paramount’s Social Media Manager Rachel Holderman, Marketing Manager Scott Viau and New Works Development Director Amber Mak who do such an impressive job putting it together so quickly and so well! Entertaining and uplifting!

Now tomorrow, “Connection” submissions are being accepted until midnight for next Saturday night’s show. The theme is ” home” and is open to a full range of ages and backgrounds and points of view. Put your feelings connecting you to “home” into words and music and email your video to newworks@paramountarts.com by midnight tomorrow! Looking forward to next Saturday night’s show!

Our Paramount family hasn’t quit working on moving forward with ever more enthusiasm, expertise and creativity!

Talked with Tim Rater on Sunday and he’s been working hard on assessing the theater’s progress non-stop. As he spoke of his endless meetings I took heart at his voice – calm, optimistic, strong and steady. Production meetings are now filling our screens with dazzling images from next season’s design teams. Ramping up for this year’s Rock of Ages and Cinderella, the looks are knock outs! And I’m making plans to meet the challenges of Groundhog Day and Ragtime, two shows I couldn’t be more psyched to be working on. Wildly disparate and contrasting, they hold us in thrall of our human nature, good and bad. And followed by Kinky Boots, I promise you, Broadway Series Season Ten will “Raise You Up” to be your best self!

Our Paramount family hasn’t quit working on moving forward with ever more enthusiasm, expertise and creativity!

Love & thanks,