Brrrrrrrrrr!!!! It’s 2 below in Aurora! Grateful for the sun shining this morning! We’ve got our Designer Run-thru this afternoon for The Producers and I’m so looking forward to our staff, crew and creatives to see what we’ve achieved in our rehearsal hall. With the burdens of the deep-freeze and the socio-political climate we’re bearing these days, we’re going to witness something collectively in that room today that ever so illustrates the power of theater and the light it can shine into our lives. The high-jinks, singing and dancing, the pleasures of musical comedy, are all here to remind us of the rewards of how a good story and great performances cut us a break and give us the chance to laugh together! On the phone with Tim Rater yesterday, I made a point of asking him if he was going to be able to catch the run-thru. With all the pressures of the business he is juggling right now as Paramount’s President and CEO, all the responsibilities that come with success, I wanted to make a point of making sure he would be there. And I feel that way about everybody seeing this show! It’s going to make you feel good! Take your mind off things for a bit. It’s a tonic! It’s like a reward waiting for you after all the long hours on the job, the weather, the breaking news; it’s an escape into fun and art and you’ve earned it!

This cast astonishes, putting their hearts into it, so full of smart, funny, technically dazzling goodness!

Before even broaching the subject with him, Tim informed me of his plans to provide hotel rooms for the cast and crew over the next couple of days to keep them safe and warm on the job here in Aurora. Diminishing their exposure to the elements commuting from Chicago is our top priority. This cast astonishes, putting their hearts into it, so full of smart, funny, technically dazzling goodness!

Opening for previews a week from tomorrow, we’ve got loads of work ahead moving into the theater and onto the stage, getting this comic spectacular ready for you with our 21 piece orchestra. It is guaranteed to warm you up! You won’t believe how much you need to see it until you do!

Love & thanks,