Woke up to a rising sun so bright, blinded by the light, can’t help feeling it in sync with the promise ahead (the tunes of The Animals and Manfred Mann spinning in this old skull) as Legally Blonde brings this much younger generation’s story of love and empowerment to dawn on Paramount’s stage for Press Opening Night this Saturday!

Led by Director Trent Stork’s sure and steady hand, last week’s days of Tech dazzled with the combined excellence of the creative and production teams in a fresh, new, eye-popping, jaw-dropping event beyond anything you expect guaranteed!

Our cast is off the Richter Scale in energy and singing chops while dancing this story for you in a series of numbers, one spectacle after another. There is an incredible size, scale and aesthetic, personally invested into the proceedings by Mr. Stork, I know you will find to be irresistible fun well done!

This show continues to take me by surprise as witnessed yesterday at orchestra rehearsal. A-List musicians and a groovin’, rockin’, modern, no-holds-barred score delivers as well on lush, romantic themes in the best golden tradition of Broadway Musical Theatre. Conductor/Musical Director Kory Danielson with Assistant MD and Associate Conductor Charlotte Rivard-Hoster are doing a bang-up job with Ethan Deppe and his electronic design team and the team of Adam Rosenthal’s killin’ it sound design!

Today is wandelprobe! Our actors’ first day with this amazing orchestra! I’m anticipating tears of ecstasy as our young cast experiences the power and the beauty! Tonight is Final Dress Rehearsal and we’ll get to see how this baby rides revved-up and ready! Tomorrow’s matinee is First Preview! That audience will view the first public performance of five previews this week before we open officially Saturday night! I hope you have your tickets ’cause if ever there was a time to go out and blow off some steam, it sure is now! 

Join us for fun, laughs and surprises! Yeah, baby! OMG is right!

Love & thanks,