Rehearsals for Legally Blonde are in full swing! Found myself biting my lips, stifling laughs, as to not draw too much attention to my sitting in to watch (but of course, I’m so self-conscious everyone notices when the “artistic director” is in the room)! How do I convince them it’s no big deal and really is one of my favorite things to do; seeing how everyone works together and getting a feel for where things are now as the second week is underway.

There is so much beauty, talent and music in the room and their openness to learn and assess what the work is at hand takes me back to my time long ago.


It’s like reliving that creative process through them. There’s an innocence and newness and fresh expectation for what it is that is about to happen. Megan Farley’s choreography riffing on Irish step dancing is a rousing challenge for them. It excites to see how they accomplish the demanding intricacies of it after a few repetitions. As seriously technical and precise it is, it is hilarious! So I am literally slouching down in my seat, covering my mouth, hunching over trying not to laugh out loud, please, no one mind me over here! The marvel of it is, Trent Stork has cast such a diverse group of different individuals with these characters all their own, that to see them all dancing together in unison has this, well, hysterical power! The footwork and floor patterns happen so quickly, energy is bouncing off the walls like some kind of serious joy! These are big characters made so by their big hearts! 

Now, mind you, I walk into this yesterday after watching Trent stage and direct the scene where Elle Woods, played by Casey Shuler, goes to the beauty salon to be dyed brunette by Paulette Buonofuonte, played by Sophie Grimm. Just a bit of zany in the form of a musical number entitled “Ireland.” Now, Sophie has a way with a one-liner like nobody has and kills the jokes here, ripe and working class. Casey is pitch perfect as the on-trend California girl now a recent Harvard Law student. After a few passes, the two of them find this chemistry and comic timing and despite the class differences, discover the broken hearts they have in common are apt to mend in this odd couple kind of sisterhood. Sophie sings and soars while Casey is filled with compassion and sympathizes and as nutty as the whole premise is, (which I won’t give away here) there is something genuine happening. 

It brings to mind that quote about how everyone has a struggle, never to underestimate personal pain and how well some of us hide it.  


Ya never know what’s going on inside. But you can be sure, something always is. It puts a perspective on how much alike we are. No matter how different we are… we’re human. 

Love & thanks,


Casey Shuler as Elle Woods and Frankie as Bruiser. Photo Credit: Thomas J. King Photography


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