Written by Artistic Associate & Casting Director Trent Stork

Who is your Goddess?

Think about it. Who is woman of incredible intelligence with seemingly divine knowledge of what you need at the exact moment you need it?

Who is your guardian who seems to float on air, takes you under her wing, and keeps her watchful gaze on you before sending you off onto life’s next grand adventure?


I have held the theory that Goddesses are sent when one is in need since I was young. I, myself, have been lucky enough to have ten Goddesses so far in my life. These are fierce, courageous, genius, women who heard a call, swooped in, and taught me a valuable lesson at the precise moment I needed it most. Some of these lessons were inspiring and some were hard earned.

As Elle Woods ventures unto her epic quest of self-discovery, she has her Goddesses, her sisters, who appear to her to keep her sane, to keep her positive, and to keep her going.

Maintaining this is no easy feat for a Millennial entering the world in 2018; life outside of a protected nest is not as bright and generous as we are told it will be.

And yet, as life seemingly bashes Elle against the proverbial rocks, she doesn’t feel entitled; she doesn’t throw her arms in the air and proclaim she has a right to success (a picture nonchalantly painted by others about my generation). Instead, taking great risk, she dives in, knowing there are others with inherent gifts, but also knowing there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than her, fighting her way to the top to take down her oppressor, a mythical beast in his own right.

Elle Woods is a hero of a generation, of my generation. Who knew the 2001 movie about a sorority girl turned lawyer holds up as a pre- #MeToo manifesto?

May her lessons resonate for the next generation. May she prove to be a Goddess for you in your darkest times. May you climb your own mountain or fight through an underworld, and may you achieve it in a way uniquely your own.


After all, “Being true to yourself never goes out of style.”