Looking at today’s date: 7/17/2018 and it hits me! Summer is almost over! In just three weeks Legally Blonde rehearsals begin! Director Trent Stork is in prep mode with Co-Choreographer Megan Farley dancing up a storm for this show’s drop-dead, mega-watt, non-stop choreography (including costume quick changes to make your head spin!)Director/Choreographer Amber Mak has got just a couple of months before The Wizard of Oz dances and whirls down the Yellow Brick Road while her ambitious new take on the classic has got her planning rehearsal hours down to the last minute! Literally! Paramount’s Broadway Series Season Eight will be blasting off before the year is out

The season starts jam-packed with these artists’ visionmagic and surprises, and with all of it comes unbelievable technical demands. 


I’ve been witnessing daily this cooperation among our creative and production staffs, their mutual respect and admiration and their support for each other. Nothing seems impossible, folks, when everyone works as a team. I can’t acknowledge and commend each of them enough for their expertise and collaboration behind the scenes. 

We’ve got such a gifted group of humans here! And I am beyond stoked and excited for you to see the results of their work together!


Speaking of which, our very first official production meeting for The Producers this morning awaits! I’m at the helm of this baby with Lighting Designer Jesse Klug and Music Director Tom Vendafreddo who worked together with me on our Jeff Award-winning Sweeney Todd last year. Joining us, making their Paramount debuts, are Choreographer Brenda Didier, Scenic Designer William Boles and Costume Designer Jordan Ross, all of whom have me chomping at the bit to see them and begin our romp with Mel Brooks and his musical comedy genius!

And can I just say, I think I’m doing a fairly good job of not bouncing off the walls in anticipation of the arrival of Broadway’s Tony Award winner for Best Director, John Doyle, coming to Paramount to direct the world premiere, new musical adaptation of the film August Rush. Right here on Galena Boulevard in Aurora. I hope I can come down from being so star struck before he gets here this spring! Just thinking about this still blows my mind, and now I’ve got to run!


Love & thanks,



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