“It’s not just your dancing I’m interested in. I’d like to get to know you as an artist. I’d like to get to know your personality.” And so Brenda Didier begins her introduction to this morning’s first group of men at her dance audition for Paramount’s The Producers. We’re in downtown Chicago at the Actors Equity dance space as she demonstrates the dynamics of an incredibly technically precise combination. 

An absolute powerhouse, the multi-Jeff Award winning choreographer, petite, blonde and regal, walks among the young men towering over her and unmistakably, she is totally large and in charge.


Exacting, ballet based, her authority leaves no doubt as to the demands of placement, focus and making the session as much fun as possible. Putting the emphasis on the latter, Brenda pushed play on a soundtrack not from the show but, get this, euro techno house music! From a beginning improv of “a little old lady,” they pull up to be step dancers, then rip through a trio of chaines turns, a pas de bourree into pirouettes, coupe turns, arabesques, a tour jete, on and on, and on the beat! Sweaty, red-faced and cheering each other, they’re really whooping it up! As for the fun part, Ms. Didier’s mission accomplished!

They’re divided up into groups of four, and hopefully will make the cut and go on to sing. I’ve got to get my attention back to them!

Once continues to enthrall crowds moving them to post, email, comment and talk to me up close and personal on how it is quite unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in the theater.


I’m fascinated how each show we present finds its audience. June 3 is just about 2 weeks away and this Paramount production will become an unforgettable memory for those who have made it their favorite show yet. Don’t miss it. Who knows? This distinctly unique production may be your new favorite as well!

Now, back to the singing! 

Love & thanks,



Once closes June 3. Don’t miss it!

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