Rehearsals for Once are gently flexing and fluxing and wielding an atmosphere of possibilities for this theatrical gem. The simple, fragile, human, story characterized by this gifted cast offers up a musicianship so telling and revealing of this bighearted tale that captivates the imaginations of countless audiences.

The show features music winning the Academy Award, Grammy Award, Olivier Award and Tony Award. We’ve a real gift here, dear reader.


The company plays guitars, violins, mandolins and cello, and the notes lift off into the air and suspend aloft wrapping us up in a kind of spell. We’re all a little different afterwards. Changed by it. Better for it. Once is a title unfamiliar to a lot of people, and I’m hoping there is some way I can get folks to experience what is discovered and shared here and come to the theatre!  Everything everyone loves about the theatre is here: the laughs, the songs and dances, great design and the escape into this world that reminds us how good good people can make us feel.

That’s the spectacle of it. You feel so alive!


VP of Development and Sponsorship Katie Arko brought my attention to a story I’ve always wanted to know more about. Long before Paramount’s Broadway Series, two Aurorans of noble vision and generosity contributed to the promise of our theatre and the future of our community: Anne Goldsmith and Edward Schmitt Sr. Read all about their enduring legacy in Denise Crosby’s Aurora Beacon-News report.


Off to rehearsal!


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Once opens April 25. Don’t miss it!

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