It’s the day after Christmas
And all I can say
Is that it’ll be the day after New Year’s
A week from today!
Where does the time go?
Always looking ahead.
Take the time to look back,
Reflect where we’ve been led.
The rewards have been many,
As our teams are real pros.
Audiences are growing
And so it goes.
Announcements are coming,
Opening a school, a great perk,
New shows for next year
Including a new work!
One for all,
All for one.
Theatre is bringing us together.
Elf is warm and fun.
Come in from the cold weather!
Cabaret is risque and may
Break your heart.
Then Once heals with songs
And you’ll love every part!
2018 will be a wonderful year.
Thank you, Tim Rater,
For getting us here!
And there is you to thank,
Dear reader, it’s true,
None of this would be happening
Without support from you!
So on this Sunday night,
For our New Year’s Eve toast,
We’ll be raising a glass
Thanking you, my friends, most!


Ha ha! Forgive the haste and silliness of the above, but you can count on the sincerity of it. This final week of the year is filled with anticipation for our Broadway Series productions, the School of the Performing Arts with rehearsal space and housing, new works, Paramount Theatre programming and RiverEdge Park this summer! Which reminds me…

The RiverEdge Park Job Fair! Friday, January 5th! Talk about Downtown Aurora job creation! Employment has been rising steadily since we began under the leadership of President & CEO Tim Rater in 2010. For this Summer 2018, this job fair is open to the public with lots of positions to fill! Apply here.

I think I could just bust with excitement and appreciation for all the love and blessings of the last year bringing all of us together into the New Year! Enjoy the goodness all around you. Love is everywhere but mostly, within you! That is my wish for you this coming 2018!

Love & Thanks,


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