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Speaking of which, let me relate to you an email I read this morning praising one of our superb Customer Service representatives who recently impressed a patron. Parents, hardworking public school teachers, spoke of the loss of the expense of their tickets for themselves and two kids at a high priced popular venue costing the father 13% of his paycheck to entertain his family. One of the kids came down with strep throat the morning of the performance, and that box office policy of “no refunds/exchanges” was unmoved to help them out. Of course, they couldn’t attend the show and lost the cost for their night out together. He goes on to write:

“The Paramount Theatre in Aurora is currently running Elf the Musical and our friends had tickets for last Wednesday, December 6th, and their daughter came down with strep (likely the culprit of my son’s case), and without batting an eye, the Paramount exchanged those seats for this Wednesday evening’s performance.”


My pride in what we have and what we’re doing due to the excellence of everyone working here welled up within as I continued to read how impressed this dad is to say that he will…

“support the Paramount for their empathy and willingness to work with their patrons.”


I can’t say it any better than that, dear reader. Here’s a man to admire who’s loving and caring for his family’s fun together and such a fine example of a Good Dad.

Love & thanks,


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