Tomorrow’s matinee of Paramount’s Million Dollar Quartet begins the final eight show week of this remarkably awe-inspiring, emotionally and musically powerful seven week run.

Who knew this show could astonish with such mind-blowing thrills, as has been the experience of our audiences participating in the explosive, skilled performances of this cast show after show.


Seeing the show countless times, I returned Sunday evening. Before the show began, several patrons spoke to me of how many times they have come back to see this production. As I think on that here with you, dear reader, I believe what it is we gravitate toward, what it is that attracts us, is joining in on the event of watching a stage-full of artists doing what it is they love to do. There is something magnetic about this infectious joy we just never get enough of. To watch someone do what they love to do inspires us. To see someone so fully alive, complete, easy and expressive jolts us out of a certain complacency we find in our daily lives.

The excitement gets our blood going, our pulse quickens, and without thinking about it, we are applauding and cheering and encouraging the performers for more!


And we’re doing it all together in a palatial theater full of all kinds of different people, all agreeing and affirming. We take a piece of this home with us, back to our families, into our lives, and I think, we can better see how to find a way to love what we do ourselves day in and day out. We are changed a bit by the artist’s love of performing for us, giving to us. It’s my hope that we leave the theater with an outlook toward giving, putting love into whatever it is we have to do. Just as Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash had no control over where they came from and what was coming out of their practice, their artistry, their musicianship and the effect it is having on all of us listening!

Yesterday was the first day of rehearsal for Paramount’s Elf! Our superbly talented cast under Amber Mak’s direction is going to make believers out of all of us! This year’s holiday spirit is in good hands!

The show is full of musical surprises, songs and dances, laughter and heart and a big and brassy, Broadway-sized orchestra!


And I have to mention, as I just came from our Cabaret production meeting, that director Katie Spelman has packed a punch to stunning effect with a hauntingly new production. The Once team met last week, and the scenic design is unlike anything we’ve done before. And here’s a bit of a teaser: it boasts a cast of 20 onstage playing live instruments to a fantastic, contemporary folk rock score you will not be able to resist! Allow me to mention, ladies and gentlemen, there is still time to become a season subscriber for the Broadway  Series. For the unbelievable subscription rate of $132 or less, you will see all four of the above shows! Million Dollar Quartet closes this Sunday the 29th, so get in here this week, become a subscriber, and feel the love as our actors and musicians give you a theatrical experience you will never forget! Call 630-896-6666 to subscribe

Love & thanks,


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