Midsummer madness! With all the excitement going on at RiverEdge Park and pre-production for Season Seven of Paramount’s Broadway Series well underway, our office is buzzin’ like a beehive with all kinds of meetings and appointments! For those among my dear readers here who have frequented our homegrown, award-winning, Broadway-scale productions, the caliber of talent and quality of stagecraft at Paramount is known to you. Having the privilege to serve our audience and our community comes with great responsibility, and that is the very principal of our collaborations with artists, technicians and staff. An integral part of this creative process is funding the work, the art. Budget discussions always get to the point of having to work with what we’ve got to present the highest form of musical theatre that we can achieve in service to your expectations and cultural and social enrichment.

Midsummer is fundraising season, and today I have a very special announcement: it is Amazon Prime Day! You can donate to our productions with a tiny percentage of your shopping dollars. Once you link your Amazon account to Paramount Arts Centre through Smile.Amazon.com, .05% of all the eligible shopping purchases you make moving forward will benefit us. It’s that easy. And it’s actually, pretty cool!

Another way to show your support is during the really big push this coming Monday to raise $60,000 in a one day campaign on 7.17.17, a day of giving! Our patrons enjoy the unforgettable experience of live theatre and all its magic. The reality is, every production is custom built right here in Aurora with the price of your ticket covering only a small portion of the costs for everything you see and so many things you don’t, including artist housing and transportation, licensing for production rights, live orchestras, lighting and sound gear, staff, salaries, marketing, as well as sets, costumes and so much more! Let’s all get together and make this day as successful as our Broadway Series shows you are about to see starting in September: Million Dollar Quartet, Elf, Cabaret, and Once.

Of course as always, you can donate before then or anytime at ParamountAurora.com/support. Please understand that no donation is too small. Lucky Season Seven is upon us, and I hope to see you at the theatre and personally thank you for your support, my friends!

Love & thanks,