Expertly devised by Paramount’s Casting Director Trent Stork in tandem with Music Director Tom Vendafreddo, our production of Once began day-long callback auditions yesterday! (Choreographer William Carlos Angulo sat in with us behind the table and texted me afterwards how he was “blown away” by the experience!) And a thrilling experience it is indeed, which continues today! The Copley Theatre stage is filled with music stands, keyboards and amps to accommodate scores of actor/musicians and their instruments: basses, fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, autoharps, melodicas, mandolins, cajon box drums and a banjo! Jamming, listening and tuning into each other, the groups dazzled with the strains of “North Strand.” Chills inducing as well, was the a cappella vocal work done on “Gold.” I found myself so moved by the spontaneity and musicianship attained so quickly by the knock out multi-talent in the room!

After a solid hour’s go at it, everyone retired to the waiting room and came back to read from the script individually and in pairs. I’m always fascinated by how the actors bring a scene to life which has been stirring solely in my head for months. How things are illuminated that were unnoticed until now by the powers of the actors’ presence, voice and humanity. What a gem this work is; a story about making music and finding one’s self while discovering love and the sacrifice it takes. All of this with a coterie of colorful characters in whom we can all see ourselves and friends and families and laugh out loud. It never ceases to amaze how music plays to our psyches and souls; the surefire tonic for whatever may be getting you down these days!

Encouraging updates are coming in from Company Manager Kaylee Oost regarding casting for Million Dollar Quartet, Elf and Cabaret​, dear reader! I could not possibly be more excited for our subscribers and audiences this fall for our new Season Seven!

Love and thanks,


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