Vendor Application

Vendor Application

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Can your contact info be given to companies renting the park interested in food vendors?(Required)

Vendors may only sell fountain (24oz) and bottled Pepsi products (20oz) at the same size and price ($4) as RiverEdge Park. You may purchase bottles Pepsi products from RiverEdge Park 1 week prior to the show you are scheduled to attend.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

Have you previously been an approved RiverEdge Park Food Vendor(Required)

What size space do you need for your spot?

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Please provide a copy of your Certificate of Insurance when submitting this application.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

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Vendor FAQs

Q. What is the cost of being a food vendor?
A. It is $100 per show or $1,000 for the entire season, along with a $100 security deposit. If choosing the entire season, $500 is due with contact with the remaining $500 due on June 9. If only doing one event/concert, the remainder of the fee is due one week before event/concert. Other fees or charges may apply depending on your needs.

Q. What is the set-up/clean-up schedule?
A. You may begin setting up approximately 3 hours prior to the event. Tear down can begin at 11 p.m. unless the event is delayed. Tear down must be completed by 12:59 a.m. Vendors may continue to sell until the end of the show. Sales may not be made after the show.

Q. What document do I need to provide to be a vendor?
A. Certificate of Insurance and Health Department permit

Q. Am I limited in what I can sell?
A. Yes. Vendors may only sell fountain and bottled products from Pepsi and charge the same price ($3) as RiverEdge Park. Bottled products must be 20 ounces and fountain drinks must be 24 ounces. The sale of alcohol is prohibited. Menus are subject to approval by RiverEdge Park.


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