If you received Paramount’s 2015-16 Season Brochure in the mail, you’ve seen that beautiful, vibrant painting of the Paramount Theatre on the cover. The very talented woman behind that painting is Batavia-based artist Greta Bell. We wanted to learn more about Greta’s involvement in the Fox Valley art scene, so we stopped by her home for an interview in her awesome studio. Man, did we have a blast.

We talked about everything from how Greta first started painting to how she began building marionettes (like the one behind her in the video) to believing in dreams that she didn’t even know she had!

A HUGE thank you to Greta for sharing her incredible talent with the Paramount and Fox Valley community. Also, thank you, Greta, for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about your phenomenal talent. You rock. If you want to learn more about Greta’s work, check out her website at GretaBell.com.

Here’s something cool – we’ll have posters of Greta’s amazing painting for sale at the merchandise tables during all Broadway shows at the Paramount this season, so you can take home a copy of Greta’s colorful painting. PLUS, the purchase of this poster is partially a donation to the Paramount Theatre.


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