May 25–July 10, 2022

Tickets $67-$74

Suggested for ages 18+ for strong adult language, sexual harassment, simulated sex, simulated statutory rape and violence

Everybody loves puppets! Even puppets that may or may not be possessed by Satan, right?

A small church ministry therapy group in Texas is the unlikely setting for this darkly humorous horror shocker that perfectly blends Avenue Q and Little Shop of Horrors.  Hand to God creates a hilarious but insightful, thrilling yet striking, poignant exploration of the deeply human journey of loss and the demons (both mythical and subliminal) that accompany the voyage. Guaranteed to leave your sides sore from laughter and your face soaked in tears, Hand to God is a perfect night out for anyone up for the ride.  If God works in mysterious ways, wait until you see what Satan has up his, or at the end of your, sleeve.

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Meet the Team


August Forman


making Paramount Theatre debut

Adam Wesley Brown *

Pastor Greg, Fight Captain

making Paramount Theatre debut

Jordan Moore


making Paramount Theatre debut

Felicia Oduh


making Paramount Theatre debut

Monica West *


making Paramount Theatre debut

Jordan Anthony Arredondo

us Jason/Tyrone

previously in Sweat

Gabriel Fries

u/s Pastor Greg

making Paramount Theatre debut

Nathaniel Allan Elfant

u/s Timmy

making Paramount Theatre debut

Tierra Matthews

u/s Jessica

making Paramount Theatre debut

Sarah Rachel Schol

u/s Margery

making Paramount Theatre debut

Artistic Team

Trent Stork

Director/Casting Director

Yvonne L. Miranda

Costume Designer

Cat Wilson

Lighting Designer

Jeffrey Levin

Sound Designer

Paul Deziel

Projection Designer

Aimee Plant

Properties Designer

Jon Beal

Fight Director/Blood & Gore Designer

Jyreika Guest

Intimacy Director

Catherine Miller


Susan Gosdick

Dialect Coach

Spencer Loft

Puppetry Coach

Sara Grammage *

Stage Manager

Lanita VanderSchaaf

Assistant Stage Manager

* indicates member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)
† indicates member of United Scenic Artists (USA)
‡ indicates member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)

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