November 1
8:00 pm

The Impossible Comes True.

Its soundtrack was one of the biggest of 2017, and “This is Me” was nominated for Best Song at the Oscars. Now come and sing along, with the words on screen, to The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman plays P.T. Barnum, the spectacular visionary behind Barnum’s circus. Barnum is ambitious and has an imagination like no other. As he tries to bring his dream to life, he must fight off selfish motivations to discover the family within his circus performers and not forget the one he has at home. Relive the incredible music and extravagant wonder of this modern musical classic.


This movie is a special event and not part of our Classic Movie Monday Series. Full bar and concessions will be open. Singing is allowed during the movie, so please don’t hush your neighbors. 🙂

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