August 3–September 18, 2022

Behind closed doors there’s a different story.

Fun Home takes you on a reflective journey of love, loss and family. Alison looks back on her life and struggles with her closeted father’s choice to end his life. She knows this struggle firsthand after coming out herself. Through the eyes of Alison, we begin to see how our differences bring us together. And while it may seem a picture-perfect family on the outside, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS THERE’S A DIFFERENT STORY.

Suggested for ages 13+ for some adult language and references to adult sexual content and suicide

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Meet the Team


Jordan Anthony Arredondo

Roy, Mark, Pete, Bobby Jeremy

previously in Hand to God and Sweat

Devon Hayakawa


previously in Fun Home

Maya Keane

Small Alison

previously in Fun Home

Milla Liss

Small Alison

Previously in Fun Home

Jaxon Mitchell

Christian Bechdel

previously in Fun Home

Em Modaff *


previously in Fun Home

Emily Rohm *

Helen Bechdel

previously in Groundhog Day, Sweeney Todd, Mary Poppins, The Music Man and Annie

Ezekiel Ruiz

John Bechdel

Previously in The Secret of My Success, and Fun Home

Stephen Schellhardt *

Bruce Bechdel

previously in Into the Woods, The Sound of Music, and Fun Home

Elizabeth Stenholt

Medium Alison

previously in The Wizard of Oz

Alanna Chavez

u/s Alison

making Paramount Theatre debut

Kelli Clevenger

u/s Helen Bechdel

making Paramount Theatre debut

Will Daly

Christian Bechdel

making Paramount Theatre debut

Andres J. DeLeon

u/s Roy, u/s Mark, u/s Pete, u/s Bobby Jeremy

previously in Rock of Ages and Groundhog Day

Elsa Oates Keefe

u/s Medium Alison, u/s Joan, u/s The Susan Deys

making Paramount Theatre debut

Thomas Murphy Molony

u/s John Bechdel

making Paramount Theatre debut

Luke Nowakowski

u/s Bruce Bechdel

Previously in Fun Home and The Sound of Music.

Artistic Team

Jim Corti


Paramount Theatre’s Artistic Director and 8-time Jeff Award winner

Landree Fleming


previously Co-Director for Fun Home, Associate Director for Beauty and the Beast, previously performed in Into the Woods and Hairspray

Ariel Etana Triunfo


Kory Danielson

Music Director and Conductor

Yeaji Kim

Scenic Designer

Jordan Ross

Costume Designer

Mac Vaughey

Lighting Designer

Adam Rosenthal

Sound Designer

Ethan Deppe

Electronic Music Designer

Jyreika Guest

Intimacy Director

Catherine Miller

Gender Consultant & Dramaturg

Mary Zanger *

Stage Manager

Madeline M. Scott *

Assistant Stage Manager

Ellie Kahn

Associate Conductor

Liz Gomez

Associate Lighting Designer

* indicates member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)
† indicates member of United Scenic Artists (USA)
‡ indicates member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)

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