March 31
4:00 pm

In memory of Derrick Duff Jr., this concert benefits the not-for-profit organization Dads Against Daddy Abuse

Derrick Duff Jr. was killed in a car accident on March 30, 2013. This will be the 6th anniversary of his passing. It was said that Derrick Jr. was ejected from the vehicle because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The “Buckle-Up” Concert was created in his memory with proceeds benefiting the not-for-profit organization Dads Against Daddy Abuse.

The “Buckle-Up” Concert is hosted and produced by Derrick Duff Sr., the father of Derrick Jr. It’s his mission to reach children through message, music and dance, encouraging them to wear a seat belt while driving. Headlining the March 31st concert at Paramount Theatre is Jacquees, one of the hottest R&B artists right now. His 2016 single “B.E.D.” was on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks, peaking at number 69.

This event is a rental produced by Derrick Duff, Sr.

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