Tuesdays with Corti: Sweeney’s Final Run-Through

Alright, my dears, here we are about to have our final run-through this afternoon of Sweeney Todd in our Copley rehearsal space before moving across the street onto the Paramount ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Psychopaths’ Realm of Glory

Good morning, dear reader! There’s so much to say but so little time to say it! This is a quick check-in with you, short and sweet, as to the remarkable ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: A Look Ahead, A Look Behind

What a day! Started out with a production meeting for Paramount’s Jesus Christ Superstar, a show that is on a par, or beyond, with some of the most ambitious work ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: A Tower of Eternal Purgatory

It is Day Two of Sweeney Todd rehearsal, on our lunch break with senses reeling, I’m here checking in quickly with you on the rapturous work before us! First of ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Disney & Sondheim

With Sweeney Todd rehearsals beginning within a week and The Little Mermaid extended by popular demand for a week, there is an overlap here we call “double duty” going on behind the scenes at ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Happy New Year

It’s our last Tuesday of the year! There is so much to celebrate New Year’s Eve this Saturday night! Particularly, I’d say,  with the phenomenal success of Paramount’s current box office hit, The ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Growth & Development

Before the heavy gray clouds sunk down dark on the horizon this morning, there was one blinding, golden, gorgeous sunrise! And while there are those who might dampen the ever gaining optimism in Downtown ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Our Volunteers

Good Tuesday, dear reader! It’s Volunteer Holiday Party Time at Paramount! Every year, Paramount Theatre throws a thank you party for about a hundred of our ushers who dedicated their ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Sweeney Todd Cast

While the Paramount Box Office is booming like crazy for The Little Mermaid, I’m in my office across the street with the Sweeney Todd casting announcement for you, ladies and ... Read More