Tuesdays with Corti: Opening Once

It’s May Day, and “the lusty month of May” begins! Spring is really here! And I’m happy to say Paramount’s production of Once enraptured our audience for Press Opening Saturday night, and the ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Putting It All Together

Sunday evening, the company of Paramount’s Once did a run-through of the show, the first since our tech rehearsals began last Wednesday evening with Sound Designer Adam Rosenthal performing the greatest ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Falling Slowly

Raise your hopeful voice You have a choice You’ll make it now   Awoke this morning hearing these words in my head. They’re lyrics to the gorgeous, haunting melody of “Falling Slowly” in Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Polymaths

Squinting and smiling at the brightness of the morning sun shimmering silver and gold on the frosty waters of The Fox this morning! Today’s rehearsals for Paramount’s production of Once ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: The Music of Once

Rehearsals for Once are gently flexing and fluxing and wielding an atmosphere of possibilities for this theatrical gem. The simple, fragile, human, story characterized by this gifted cast offers up a musicianship so telling and revealing of this ... Read More

The Dog Ate My Blog

Hi, new friends! My name is Shannon Cameron, and I am Paramount Theatre’s Director of Education and Community Engagement. I will also be the Director of the Paramount School of ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Once Day One

Cabaret, and Director Katie Spelman’s “drum roll – cymbal crash and a two bar vamp you know as well as your own name” still lingers adrift in the upper reaches of ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Once Cast

Artistic Director & Director of Once Jim Corti is currently in New York at Legally Blonde auditions. With that and the Once cast announcement today, Corti is unable to pen ... Read More

Tuesdays with Corti: Auditions

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Yesterday was a full day of The Wizard of Oz auditions, a long day with a succession of terrifically talented artists that took us well ... Read More