The details of wedding planning can be overwhelming for you and your partner, but there is one group of people that should not be overlooked: your guests! When planning, it can be hard to decide what information is important to tell your guests and which is ok to skip. So, what exactly do your wedding guests need to know before your big day, and how should you get this information across?


Knowing the timeline of events is crucial for guests who have to plan their schedules months in advance. A great place to keep this information is on your invitations, or a wedding website. Make sure to include what time the venue doors open as well as the ceremony start time. This gives out-of-town guests a good idea of what time they should leave and how early they can enter the venue before the event start time. It’s also important to note if latecomers will be allowed into the ceremony space to help ensure your guests get there on time. Don’t forget to add the address for both the ceremony and reception locations if they are being held at different venues!

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For guests driving to the wedding venue, knowing about the parking arrangements can be a huge stress reliever. Depending on your venue, parking may be limited or require a fee, so make sure guests are prepared to pay for parking. Providing a parking map on your website with nearby lots, garages, or street parking is helpful. Make sure your guests are aware if your venue provides valet parking, so they can use all the perks on your big day.

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A rising trend in the wedding world is to have a specific dress code or color palette for your guests to abide by. A great idea for informing your guests of this is to provide a mood board on your wedding website. This can include examples of your dress code, whether it is formal or semi-formal, and how to incorporate your wedding colors into outfits. Also remember to inform your guests if any of your festivities will be held outside. You can let them know to prepare for the weather by bringing a coat, umbrella, or comfortable shoes to walk outdoors on uneven terrain.

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Shuttles, Hotels & Room Blocks

For guests traveling from out of town, transportation and accommodations are very important considerations. A great way to let them know this information is to make a list of local hotels on your wedding website. Make sure to check if any hotels offer room blocks or shuttle services to and from your venue and include this on your website as well.

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Welcome & Send-off Events

Weddings are one of the only times that couples have all of their loved ones in one place. Because of this, you may opt to celebrate all weekend long with welcome events like dinner or drinks, and send-off events like brunches the morning after the wedding. These are great things to include on your wedding invitations or wedding website to give guests the option to plan for a whole weekend of festivities.

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Fun Additions

Now that we have all the essential information covered, let’s talk about some of the fun things to tell your guests. A great interactive element for your guests is to ask for song suggestions on your wedding invitations or website to help your guests get out on the dance floor. Another fun thing to include is your wedding hashtag so your guests can post about your party on social media. This also makes it easier for you to find these pictures after your big day.

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