There are a lot of considerations couples have when selecting the perfect date for their big day, and often budget and venue availability make prime months less desirable. Many couples have started turning to winter months and holiday weekends and taking advantage of all they have to offer!

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Take Advantage of Holiday Décor

The average couple books their venue and wedding date 12-18 months in advance. This gives ample time to gather décor and shop post-holiday deals on items like ornaments, garlands, and winter-specific items. Also, many venues will have pre-set décor that can save a couple both decorating time and money with those extra touches. Oftentimes, the pre-set décor will be neutral color pallets and winter-themed rather than holiday-themed to fit with all events booked for that timeframe. As a December bride myself, my favorite piece of décor was a personal touch we made to our votive candle holders by adding snow-like glitter to the outside of the glass as well as the pre-decorated garland we placed across our head table.

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Seasonal Discounts

In addition to seasonal décor provided by the venue, many establishments will also offer discounts for weddings that take place in the winter months. These months tend to get booked less often (and not as quickly), meaning there is more opportunity for discounts, as well as the possibility to get into your venue early for decorating and your ceremony rehearsal, providing both budget relief and peace of mind to couples.

Winter Fashions and Accessories

Winter wedding attire is a great way to pull out unique seasonal trends. Couples often will select long sleeves for their gowns or like I did for my special day, add a faux fur coat and shawls for themselves and their attendants; a must if you are taking advantage of outdoor photos and the weather is less than desirable. Those in suits and tuxes can jazz up their attire with winter hats and scarves or by capitalizing on the fun wedding trend of wearing themed socks. Since the sun goes down earlier in the winter, finish off your wedding photos with romantic shots in front of holiday lights and garland displays for your outdoor photos.

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Family & Friend Availability

Winter wedding dates have a lot of pros and of course some cons. From mid-November through the end of the year, many people have holiday celebrations and family traditions that fill up their calendars. But for some couples, it can be the ideal time of year to have a wedding so that no one misses school or work for the celebration. Although many people may RSVP due to their availability for your big day, keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable and may cause several last-minute cancelations if the weather takes a turn.

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Choosing a winter month for your big celebration can provide couples with many opportunities not available in prime wedding months. There is the possibility of seasonal décor available at a discount or sometimes provided by the venue, seasonal discounts and flexible dates, the chance to take advantage of unique winter fashion trends, and open availability with family and friends. When it comes to winter weddings, I say go for it! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason!

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