An unforgettable night as the leading characters of your big day.

Unique wedding venue spaces such as this are all the rage right now. They are minimalistic in decorative needs. A space such as a historic building comes equipped with the most decorative aspects built into the building’s architecture without losing any opulence from traditional decorations. This frees up the wedding budget for other important items or creates a spectacular cost-effective wedding.

Memorable moments are not hard to come by in a unique venue space. A historic building offers so many different photo opportunities that narrowing down what photos to choose will be a struggle. Architecture in wedding venues that are out of the norm lends itself to themes easily. 1920s art deco buildings make it easy to have a speakeasy, Great Gatsby, or 1920s-themed wedding. A historic theater opens the possibility of a movie-themed, award-show-themed, or musical-themed wedding.

A best-kept secret about more distinctive wedding venues is the staff. Limited bookings can be secured at venues like these, so customer service tends to be slightly better than at a larger venue. This creates a more customized experience and increases the value of the venue. Spaces such as these usually are unable to host more than a few weddings on the same day creating a more dedicated staff for your big day as well.

Top 5 Reasons to Book a Unique Wedding Venue

  • Memorable Moments
  • Striking Photos
  • Affordably High End
  • Theme friendly
  • Dedicated Staff

It is important to remember that special and unique wedding venues book quickly. The waitlist can be long. So, it is best to book far in advance to take advantage of a space like this.