The Meeting

We actually went to high school together! Chris was a senior, and I was a junior. We had some friends in common. We even went to prom in the same group – just not together! Many of those friends were in or at our wedding.


Here is our first picture together from December of 2011 – braces and all!

First date

Our first date was definitely a college date. We went to Potbelly! It was honestly kind of awkward, but we made it through.

The Engagement

Chris and I had been dating for a long time, and I was READY for him to propose. We knew we were going to be together forever, so I was getting ready to tie the knot. I kind of ruined the surprise by signing for the ring in the mail. Chris brought home flowers and all my favorite things and proposed to me at home. We celebrated by calling our friends and family and getting some Portillos!

The Favorite Part

Our favorite part of the day was getting to celebrate with all of our loved ones. Our original wedding date was 6/6/2020, on our 8.5 year anniversary. We had been planning that day for over two years. Then COVID happened, and all of our plans were foiled. It was heartbreaking to have to reschedule the day you dreamed of. We did get married that day outside at the Fabyan Japanese Garden, and it was a perfect day. It was so bittersweet because it was our day, but only our parents could be there.

Luckily, the Paramount continued to accommodate us and support us as we had to change our date again the following year. We finally landed on Friday, October 29, 2021.

So after about three and a half years of planning, and almost a year and a half of already being married, being able to have our day with our friends and family was the best part. We’ve been together for so long that our families are already close and our friends all know each other, so it was THE BEST PARTY EVER!

 Here is us on our original wedding day: 6/6/2020 at the Japanese Garden.


















Other best parts included: Chris crying during our vows even though we were already married AND we’d already done a first look. It was just such a happy moment.

I know this is going to sound weird, but Mr. Brightside by the Killers is MY SONG. Whenever it comes on, I am THERE and I am ready to dance! It’s a joke with our friends, and everyone knows it’s my jam. So when Mr. Brightside started to play, EVERYONE was on the dance floor. It was so fun to share that moment with everyone. It was just a good time!

Chris’s favorite parts: My favorite parts were taking the first look pictures and the reception. It was so great to see Emily for the first time that day. The reception was so fun because we got to eat good food and party with our friends and family. Angeli’s catered for us, and the food was SO good, that people STILL talk about it!


Rely on the experts. Use all of the wonderful coordinators at the Paramount to help you remember and plan the details! It was my first time planning a wedding, but they’ve done it a million times! It can be overwhelming to think you need every single piece of the puzzle figured out, but they are there to help!

Enjoy the day. There were moments on October 29 that I didn’t go as planned – like the fact that I brought a 15 pack of white-out strips instead of tape for the photobooth guestbook! It’s easy to get caught up in anything that might be going “wrong”, but stay in the moment and enjoy every moment. It’s over before you know it!


Our relationship has always felt so natural and right – we knew we’d get married someday. After being together for about 7 years, we figured it was about time!


Our first dance song was You and I by Wilco. Chris is a big Wilco fan, and their sound is the vibe we wanted for our first song. It’s a simple song with some lyrics that resonated with us: “But you and I, I think we can take it. All the good with the bad, make something that no one else has”. This song was also kind of short which was important for us because we’re not really dancers.

Favorite quality of each other?

My favorite qualities in Chris are his sense of humor and how caring he is. Chris is so silly and goofy. We’re always laughing. Chris is also incredibly caring. He is sensitive to my needs and cares about me deeply. I’m lucky to have someone who is so thoughtful.

Chris’s favorite qualities in Emily are that she’s compassionate, loving, and caring. She genuinely cares for him, and he always feels the love. Emily is also hilarious, so every day is full of laughter.

the Venue

We picked the Meyer Ballroom for so many reasons. The first thing that drew me in was the price. Looking through venues was getting discouraging – everything was SO expensive. The Paramount was reasonable and SO MUCH was included. Having the bar package included with the price per person was very appealing to us because we were ready to party! I also loved that each guest gets a complimentary ticket to show at the Paramount. That was unique to this wonderful venue. When I went on the tour, I instantly clicked with the coordinator. She answered all my questions and made me excited to be there.

Beyond the cost, the other reason the Paramount spoke to us was how perfect the space was. It’s so beautiful and open. I liked the flow from the atrium to the ballroom. They later added the bridal suite which was an added bonus for us! The windows that look over the river are just perfect. The area on the patio outside was another draw for us. Chris also loved how close the casino was. Everything about the Meyer Ballroom was perfect for the day we had in mind.

Through planning and rescheduling, I am so happy we chose the Paramount for our wedding. They were so accommodating and flexible throughout our very long journey with them. Our wedding was truly perfect, and the Paramount and their staff are responsible for most of it!


The Vendors

CATERER – Angelis  (

DJ – Sounds Abound (

CAKE – Sheryl Sutherland (Aunt of the Bride)

FLORIST – Stemming From Love (

PHOTOGRAPHER – Taylor Willard Photography (