Today is Giving Tuesday!

Went to: and got the low-down –

“#GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 – in addition to the regularly scheduled Dec 1, 2020 #GivingTuesday – as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.”

Paramount Theatre’s postings on social media for Small Business Week and National Renewal Day is in tandem with Giving Tuesday – appreciating what you have in your community and actively, right now, participating in its support. Altruism is about giving without receiving anything in return; but if you take a moment, take a breath, go within and think about it – you always get a return on what you give whether you intend for it to or not, don’t you?

The balancing act going on in our business and arts community has staggering stakes. With the measured safety of the present shut-down comes a glimpse of life with empty streets, closed shops, restaurants and theaters. How will non-profits return and reopen without income, revenue to operate and survive? One has to take it personally. Every donation, gift card, curbside pick-up and subscription purchase really matters – nothing is too little and little just may be all you can afford but it counts. And really, health care workers, businesses, and the arts take good care of you, don’t they? The best way to take care of yourself is to take care of them. Take that moment. Think about them. Yes, it can feel like spreading yourself awfully thin but even the thought, the intention, the gratitude when considering your part in the vitality of your community, really, nothing you have to give is too small. It all adds up to that comeback we are so missing and longing for – the bustling, aliveness of being together!

This week’s Connection: A Social Media Concert is all about celebrating Mom! Submit by midnight tomorrow for Saturday night’s media drop; the eve of Mother’s Day Sunday May 10! (Check out last Saturday night’s show here)

All by myself for what is now the eighth week of our quarantine, I am thinking of you and missing you as much as ever! Meetings and talks continue to deliver on the promise of our Broadway Series productions, but who knows how and when? There are responsibilities we are taking for your health and safety and there are possibilities for how to gather and present – all being discussed perpetually and relentlessly! I spoke with Tim Friday evening and the bottom line is: every effort is being made dedicated to “give our subscribers what they have signed up for from us!”

I’ve had the luck of good friends coming by for safely distanced curbside chats and the drop-off of care packages: a delicious home cooked meal, a couple of very cool masks, and a case of Stella! (How can I ever repay them?!) Mentioning it deliberately here to give you the idea to think of those who would so appreciate seeing you safely or simply hearing from you! (Am so enjoying the face-chats, online reunions, and calls)!

Be smart and safe, take care of yourself and others, and keep a good thought!

Love & thanks,