The first week of previews, the first seven audiences to ever see the world premiere of The Secret of My Success, rocked the house last week! Paramount welcomed folks undeterred by the deep freeze and with the antics and excellence of the cast on stage, steamed up the place with a synergy that raised the roof! Co-book writer and Director Gordon Greenberg warmed up the crowds as he took the stage before every performance graciously greeting them and giving them a sense of the hotbed of creativity about to debut before them. All the people there could feel a part of the process as Gordon included them in on the excitement of the team to have everyone there hear and see the latest adjustments to scenes and songs put into the show daily! He quipped, “The orchestra got new music just 30 minutes ago!”

All this rightfully got the audience in on the reality of what a special event was about to take place. The show proceeded to envelop the audience with its big-hearted story, thrilling voices and eye-popping, new production being seen for the first time right there! From where I sit, seeing a cheering crowd on their feet clapping along to this dynamite, new score is what its all about. How about them leaving the theater singing, “The Secret’s Out” through the Grand Gallery onto Galena Blvd? That takes more than a catchy tune. It’s really great music!

Paramount’s audience has made a memory here to last long after the curtain call and this phenomenal cast of actors wave goodbye from the stage. One of the greatest sounds in the world is of laughter filling a theater. People from different walks of life, different colors and ages, shapes and sizes, all enjoying a good time together. Our differences disappear just being human for a couple of hours. Everybody loves what is new and good! Get over here and be a part of it!

Previews and rehearsals continue this week as the writing team finesses and finishes. Press Opening is Friday night and the shows runs until March 29. I expect you won’t want to miss experiencing this world premiere musical!

Love & thanks,