Celebrate! It’s party time! So many good people and their beautiful work have brought us to this very merry holiday season! We’ve got our “office party” today and let me tell ya, its a big deal. Some nine years ago I remember sitting around the table in the conference room being introduced to a team of folks, just a few of us, putting our heads together to make Paramount’s Broadway Series happen. A huge debt is owed to those members of the team who first got us started on the job learning together as we go, how to make this idea work. And look at us now! Today, we’re the second largest subscription-base theater in the country, and the company has expanded employing the talents and skills of hundreds of the best people you could ever want to know and work with! You could not work for a better leader than our President and CEO, Tim Rater, who inspires and aspires in a culture of everyone being valued and empowered. It’s going to be such an awesome day seeing everyone together. And always new faces! Talk about “job creation!” I cannot keep track of all the new company members joining us! This afternoon will give us the chance to introduce ourselves and get acquainted a bit and hang out for a little while with everyone like one big extended happy family! The ACCA (Aurora Civic Center Authority) Staff Annual Holiday Party!

We’ll be thinking of you, talking about you, as the staff takes so much pride in the raves they hear about our productions, especially now with Beauty and the Beast. The daily reports are packed with audience comments not only about the remarkable performances of our superb cast and the breathtaking design and magic: the holiday experience they are treated to here is so ideal for bringing families and friends together to enjoy. The two-story Christmas Tree in the Grand Gallery is a big hit with patrons as they enter through the doors off Galena Boulevard. It’s become a tradition! Photos of the kids and the whole gang is a thing now! Come and take pictures by the tree and the wreaths and garlands in our main lobby so beautifully decorated by our Front of House Staff!

Finding ways of being together can become too rare an occasion: what to do that will mean something to everyone, lift their hearts and just have fun. This is one of the great functions of going to the theater. We are here to serve you, offering you the personal best of everyone here. And now here we are, after Newsies, almost half-way through Season 9. with Beauty and the Beast and then onto The Secret of My Success, and Kinky Boots, you can still see all three remaining shows for as little as $21.60 each by becoming a subscriber. What a wonderfully thoughtful holiday gift for those you love. And really, for yourself! So do it!

Happy Holidays!

Love and thanks,