It’s Tuesday in New York! Yesterday, auditions resumed for the actors being seen for the leading role of Christy in The Secret of My Success, Paramount Theatre’s World Premiere this season. Played by Helen Slater (Supergirl) in the original Universal Picture starring Michael J Fox, whoever wins the role has some especially big shoes to fill. In addition to having the brains and beauty of a corporate-climbing executive turning heads everywhere she goes, the writing team has raised the stakes for this character portraying her as a single mom with a 7-year-old son. And her mother is living with them!

There is more than a sprinkling of sass and wit with Christy as well and of course the requisite show-stopping power vocal chops, if you don’t mind. Here now, there is less romantic fantasy cliche and much more of a three dimensional, determined, vulnerable, funny and real woman with a strong story of her own. Imagine sitting in the background attending the gift of talented takes being offered for this role. Every woman walking into the room knows the rarity of this opportunity: creating a leading role in a major new musical. One after the other, knockout after knockout, to electrifying effect, the women nail their strengths in the part. To watch this happen is to witness the greatness of an individual’s powerful human potential as an artist. The creative team weighs and measures and at the end of the day, the richly complex problem balances closer to an answer. Who will play Christy? Only time will tell!

Ultimately, it really gets down to a matter of destiny and fate. Let’s see what these days bring!

We’re back at the game today and tomorrow with auditions for Kinky Boots, this season’s grand finale. The same hot and heavy competition prevails here: finding Lola! Like yesterday, I’m anticipating a thrilling experience as already in the mix are great possibilities for this role. Ultimately, it really gets down to a matter of destiny and fate. Let’s see what these days bring! (I leave you now giving my thumbs a break here writing you on my cellphone).

Love and thanks,