With the First Day of Spring tomorrow, (can you believe it!) comes the Spring Equinox as our planet spins in equal parts, 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. A sense of balance sure would aid in managing all the emotions and excitement as Paramount’s The Producers closed its triumphant run on Sunday night!

The energy of entering through the packed Grand Gallery is electric, the din, (one of my favorite sounds), buzzes with the crowd’s roaring clamor in anticipation of the curtain going up. That curtain, lit up with the Aurora Strong logo, is a beautiful symbol of our city united in support since the deadly shooting, now almost four weeks ago. Seeing it as one walks down the aisle of the theater, it tugs solemnly at our hearts in remembrance and solidarity. As the lights dim, the overture soars and all of a sudden our spirits are aloft with the strains of the strings and blasts of the brass! We’re swept away to the golden glory of Broadway’s Times Square some sixty years ago! Here we go with Max and Leo! Every time I’ve watched the show it has grown sharper, funnier, and even sweeter! But there’s something special about this final performance! This cast and orchestra are the real deal and boy, do they ever bring it home! Sad as it is to say farewell, it can’t beat the pride and celebration in everyone’s superb work and gorgeous talent!  Hugs, cheers, and thank yous! 

we’ve got another something-for-everyone-musical smorgasbord lined up for you!

Yesterday, Paramount’s staff moved full steam ahead to Chicago’s downtown Actors’ Equity Office with auditions for next season’s world premiere of The Secret of My Success. Meanwhile this season’s grand finale August Rush:The Musical goes into rehearsal next week in New York City for its premiere here next month with previews beginning April 24! There’s also an incredible energy around all the casting in process for next season’s opener, Newsies, followed by our holiday extravaganza, Beauty and the BeastAdd Kinky Boots to the mix and you’ve got Season Nine promising to be another Broadway Series hit-fest! From Disney’s Alan Menken to Kinky Boots’ Cyndi Lauper and Chicago’s own sensational Michael Mahler & Alan Schmuckler teaming up for The Secret of My Success, we’ve got another something-for-everyone-musical smorgasbord lined up for you! 

I’m running to a Newsies design meeting with William Boles, who made a smash hit with audiences in his Paramount debut as Scenic Designer for The Producers. With all the new work and progress ahead, I have you to thank for your support which is so instrumental in making it all happen. Dear reader, we can do it!

And, btw, with the First Day of Spring comes the rare, giant, Supermoon tomorrow night! Don’t miss it! Hit the pause button, raise your head up and take a look!

Love & thanks,