Next Tuesday is Christmas Day! Right now, the sun is peeking over the leafless tree tops silhouetted above the Fox; another spectacular dawn’s fiery glow streaks across the sky! Watching with Shorty by my side perched on the arm of this old leather chair, the blazing giant globe arises and we’re transfixed in a little prayer of thanks for the privilege. This is the season of The Light of the World born to remind us of the commandment to Love. May all your celebrations reflect this gift, whoever you are, whatever your faith, wherever you may go! 

At Paramount, we’re gathering today for our Annual Staff Christmas Party for a wonderful meal where everyone can sit down and be together. I’m always struck by what a awesome, powerful sight this is! The energy is so electric, upbeat and bright; everyone celebrating each others goodness with season’s greetings and compliments, small talk about this and that and how the family is doing with the little ones and the new little ones “on the way!” Ha! The company keeps growing and in more ways than one! There are always new folks to finally meet and get acquainted with while kids run circles around and between us. It truly is a Paramount Nation. Especially in how it includes you and all those we are here to serve. 

My personal wish for you is that your holidays are merry and warm, full of the joy of the season finding love within yourself and in everyone you meet!

Love & thanks,